Reclaiming My Power: My Journey with John of God

In a world where spiritual leaders can be revered and trusted, it can be a challenging revelation when their true intentions come to light. The recent exposé of John of God, a once highly acclaimed spiritual medium, as a sexual predator has sent shockwaves through the spiritual community. As someone who sought healing and answers, I too journeyed to John of God, only to uncover a darker truth. Today, I share my story not as a victim but as a victor, reclaiming my power and speaking my truth.

The Illusion of Light: Falling into the Trap

At 25, I found myself drawn to John of God’s healing sanctuary in Brazil, influenced by Oprah’s praise and desperate for healing after a tumultuous period in my life. You see, I was struck by lightning, I’ve experienced trauma and death my entire life, and I was at my wits end. Little did I know that what seemed like a beacon of light was actually a vortex of darkness. John of God, once a figure of hope, turned out to be a predator who fed on the vulnerability of those seeking solace.

The Harrowing Encounter: Losing My Power

As I approached John of God with hopes of healing and renewal, I felt my life force being drained out of me. His eyes rolled back as he held my crystal, signifying a malevolent energy sucking the essence of who I was. I was left crawling, physically and emotionally broken, realizing the extent of the violation I had experienced.

Navigating the Aftermath: Reclaiming My Sovereignty

In the aftermath of that harrowing encounter, I embarked on a journey of reclaiming my power and finding my sovereignty. It was a long and arduous process of confronting my vulnerabilities, learning boundaries, and rediscovering my worth. I faced isolation, pain, and deep introspection to purge the shadows that had engulfed me.

From Victim to Victorious: Embracing Triumph

Today, standing on the precipice of victory, I refuse to let the trauma of my past define me. Instead, I choose to speak my truth, share my story, and reclaim the power that was once taken from me with the intention to inspire others to reclaim their power from something of their past. While my journey with John of God was a dark chapter, I can promise you that it is not the end of my story. It is a catalyst for transformation and empowerment.

Embracing Truth and Courage: A Call to Action

As I reflect on my journey, I urge you to acknowledge your own power and resilience. Your past does not define you unless you allow it to. By speaking up, by shining a light on the darkness, you reclaim your autonomy and rewrite your narrative. Let us embrace our truth, our courage, and our innate ability to rise above adversity.

00:00 Exposing John of God: A Journey of Reclamation
00:50 Welcome and Introduction: No Script, Just Truth
01:45 My Personal Encounter with John of God
08:16 The Dark Aftermath and Reclaiming Power
09:58 The Path to Healing and Empowerment
10:36 Embracing the Age of Aquarius: Truth and Transformation
11:22 Sharing My Story: From Victim to Victor
14:07 Thrive Program: A Call to Sovereignty
15:52 The Power of Speaking Your Truth
17:24 Conclusion: Reclaiming Your Power

Spiritual Journey

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