Recognize the Other Person is You


As we embark on the Golden Age, we have been gifted the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age. These Sutras are the threads that weave together the infinite with the finite. Heaven on Earth is possible when we live our truth, with the intention to bring love and compassion to the world. Every two thousand years, time moves us backwards through the astrological signs. 2012 brought us the Aquarian Age, a more loving and compassionate era. As we dive in deeper, Recognize the Other Person is You.

When the Age of Pisces emerged, chaos was prevalent as the Roman Empire fell and rise of power began. The theme of Piscean Age was about domination and control yet they also brought us to a place where spirituality emerged. We saw the rise of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The values of the Piscean Age centered around money, power, and control. These have been replaced with a softer, more feminine vibe; values of love, compassion, unity, community, and authenticity. What we saw the Piscean Age was a more egoic era which resulted in us creating boundaries and separation.

To live life from the ego no longer sustains us or humanity. No longer shall humanity stand divided for in the Aquarian Age, our values are one with the Infinite. As our consciousness expands during this time, we are more familiar and in alignment with our soul which is always connected to the soul in all. These Five Sutras give us the ability to jumpstart this new age hand in hand with the Divine. This Divine Intervention is paving the road for the years to come, not just for our own endeavor, but for where humanity is going and for the generations to come.




Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru; I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru



Recognize the other person is you. When you are judging others, you are just judging yourself. In this world we are surrounded by many different personalities, many different bodies. But what isn’t different is that we are all navigating through this experience together. People may have different interests or different orientations than our own, but all of that is just a facade to help us shine with our uniqueness. If we were all the same, wouldn’t life be oh so incredibly boring?

Granted, we all have our unique stories, our unique journeys, but we are not our story. Again, recognize the other person is you. We can appreciate or accept our battles we’ve overcame and we can use those lessons to help others, but in the end, we are all one. Each of us here is a child of God, of the Universe. Over time, we meet people that challenge us. They come into our paths because they are there to teach us something.

As we are approached by them, it is up to us and our level of awareness if we attack them or if we embrace them. If we subconsciously attack this person or begin to judge this person that is in front of us, we are missing the lesson that they are here to teach us. God is part of everyone and everything, and what God is showing us is a side of us that needs love.

A part of us that needs forgiveness. A side of us that needs lovingkindness.

What we don’t like about that person is just a reminder of our shadow that needs forgiveness and needs love. Send that person love, not judgement, because in reality, we all have our battles we are working on. That is why we are here on this journey. We are here to heal the wounds of our past, to forgive and heal our karmic debts, to reclaim our light that emanates from our lighthouses.

When we see the other person and we appreciate their beauty and grace, wishing we emanated that same beauty, we must understand that we are that same beauty. Deep down, that beauty is within us. Maybe we’ve allowed our shadow to come in and separate ourselves, believing we are unworthy, but here is the kicker… we are all worthy. God is showing this to us because we can be there, we can be like the person in front of us. It may not be developed and it may not be expressed yet, but you are getting a glimpse into the life you can have. There may be work that needs to be done, but it’s ok.

Embrace the journey because the journey is the reward. Embrace their beauty, because you emanate that same beauty deep down! Forgive yourself from the past. You are doing the best you can based on the situation ahead. Forgive others, for they have acted the way they did in the past or in the present from their level of awareness. Appreciate this present moment because God is all around you. Love that person for the Godness that lies within their heart. Recognize the Other Person is you.

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