Transcending the Fear of Feeling Unsafe »

Transcending the Fear of Feeling Unsafe

In life, it’s important to recognize what’s a projection and what’s a reflection.

As we navigate through Libra Season and this powerful Mercury Retrograde, it’s time to cultivate balance, safety, discernment, and awareness as we answer the call and navigate through this reality.

Parts are reflecting back where we can love and nourish ourselves more and others we come across are simply sharing their projections. Be discerning enough to know the difference.

With awareness, how can you know and do better? How can you offer more kindness and projection? How can you stand up for yourself in your integrity of you as a Sovereign Embodied YOU?

This is the test, and together, we will pass with flying colors, dismantling the fears and projections of the world that are trying to steer us away from our power and Truth.

Allow love to lead. Allow feeling safe to be the foundation. Allow compassion to spread before feeling victimized.


And with you knowing who you are, you loving all parts of you, you trusting that God has a plan, you can pass this bitch with flying colors effortlessly. 🏳️‍🌈

Don’t allow the world outside of you to steer you away from your power… you’re better than that!

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