vibrate the cosmos. the cosmos shall clear the path »

vibrate the cosmos. the cosmos shall clear the path

As we embark on the Aquarian Age, we have been gifted the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age. These Sutras are the threads that weave together the infinite with the finite. Heaven on Earth is possible when we live our truth, with the intention to bring love and compassion to the world. Every two thousand years, time moves us backwards through the astrological signs. 2012 brought us the Aquarian Age, a more loving and compassionate era.  When the Age of Pisces emerged, chaos was prevalent as the Roman Empire fell and rise of power began. The theme of Piscean Age was about domination and control yet they also brought us to a place where spirituality emerged. We saw the rise of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The values of the Piscean Age centered around money, power, and control. These have been replaced with a softer, more feminine vibe; values of love, compassion, unity, community, and authenticity. What we saw the Piscean Age was a more egoic era which resulted in us creating boundaries and separation.

To live life from the ego no longer sustains us or humanity. No longer shall humanity stand divided for in the Aquarian Age, our values are one with the Infinite. As our consciousness expands during this time, we are more familiar and in alignment with our soul which is always connected to the soul in all. These Five Sutras give us the ability to jumpstart this new age hand in hand with the Divine. This Divine Intervention is paving the road for the years to come, not just for our own endeavor, but for where humanity is going and for the generations to come.



Ek Ong Kaar-a, Saa Taa Naa Maa-a, Siree Whaa-a, Hay Gu-Roo


    Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, unaware of the vibrations we are radiating ourselves. We feel lost, alone, stuck, unmotivated, and just straight up out of sync with our lives and the life we want to live. When this happens, often times we are unaware of what energy we are putting out. Times like this call for an overhaul on our energetic being. It is time for us to get out of our egoic mind and gravitate towards our authentic self through pure awareness. The highest frequencies stem from love, compassion, and kindness.

The world is a reflection of our thoughts and the vibrations we are putting out. What vibrations we emanate and release stem not just from our thoughts, but also our emotions, words, actions, and intentions. In essence, life is a mirror. You are bringing into your consciousness, into your being, into your experience whatever you are putting out. As we become an observer of our inner being in the present moment, we are able to witness which path we are walking. If we find ourselves uncomfortable in our world at that present moment or that we are blocked in our flow, the Universe is showing us that we are out of alignment from our Truth. We know that our truth is that we are LOVE. As we’ve seen in the second sutra, There is a Way Through Every Block. The best way to get yourself out of the block of not being in the flow is to Vibrate the Cosmos. Once we are aligned with our natural state of love, the Cosmos shall clear the path, helping us achieve our deepest desires.

    Everything around us is energy. It is not just the people that pass us by, but also the oceans, the tea in your cup, the sounds from your speakers, even your favorite pup. It is up to us whether we are vibrating from a high frequency or a low frequency. It is up to us whether we want life to be easy, or if we want life to be a challenge simply based from our vibration. We can get back into a peaceful flow by raising our vibrations. We do this best through yoga, meditation, and mantra. These modalities allow us to connect to the sacred vibrations that are always present in the world. We can also clear our path through living a healthy lifestyle, filled with healthy food, healthy habits, being aware of our words and actions, and most of all, being in touch with our hearts. When we have stagnant energy, there is a lack of flow occurring not just in our bodies, but also in our world. More than ever is it important for us to vibrate the cosmos and to live life in a state of love and awareness, this way we can align with the path God has set forth for us.


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