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when time is on you start, and the pressure will be off

As we embark on the Aquarian Age, we have been gifted the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age. These Sutras are the threads that weave together the infinite with the finite. Heaven on Earth is possible when we live our truth, with the intention to bring love and compassion to the world. Every two thousand years, time moves us backwards through the astrological signs. 2012 brought us the Aquarian Age, a more loving and compassionate era.  When the Age of Pisces emerged, chaos was prevalent as the Roman Empire fell and rise of power began. The theme of Piscean Age was about domination and control yet they also brought us to a place where spirituality emerged. We saw the rise of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The values of the Piscean Age centered around money, power, and control. These have been replaced with a softer, more feminine vibe; values of love, compassion, unity, community, and authenticity. What we saw the Piscean Age was a more egoic era which resulted in us creating boundaries and separation.

To live life from the ego no longer sustains us or humanity. No longer shall humanity stand divided for in the Aquarian Age, our values are one with the Infinite. As our consciousness expands during this time, we are more familiar and in alignment with our soul which is always connected to the soul in all. These Five Sutras give us the ability to jumpstart this new age hand in hand with the Divine. This Divine Intervention is paving the road for the years to come, not just for our own endeavor, but for where humanity is going and for the generations to come.


Gobinday, mukanday, udaaray, aaparay, hareeung, kareeung, nirnaamay, akaamay.

    When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off. In this life, we are all in this together. We are all here to share our unique talents and gifts to the world. The best and essentially the only way to do that is if we embrace our authenticity. We are all tested to see how we will handle the situation that is in front of us. Some of us will procrastinate, others will focus on their fear-based minds, but those who will conquer times are those who are present with what is right in front of them. 

    When we are unfocused on our lives and the lives we wish to live, we can find ourselves procrastinating when we need to show up for our lives most. Sometimes we forget that it is up to us to follow through with what we set forth. We cannot expect someone else to finish our tasks because everyone has their own tasks they need to finish. We can ask for help, but we must first try our best and do our best with the situation that is presented to us. We do this by taking action and claiming and being responsible for our work. Many of us sit around and don’t take action because of fear. We fear the unknown. We live in fear through our victim mentality. The opposite of fear is love, so when we focus on fear, we are separating ourselves from our natural essence… love. When we separate ourselves from our natural essence, we are separating ourselves from that of which is God because as we know, God is love! God and the Universe are always here to support us, so when we procrastinate because of the underlying emotion of fear, we are preventing ourselves from living in a state of joy and bliss, and let’s be real… we all want to live life in joy and bliss!

    The world is waiting for us to show up for our lives. When we show up for our own lives, we show up for everyone else because we are all in this together. God is always and forever in the present moment. It is the greatest gift we can receive. Those who conquer time, those who conquer the world are those who allow themselves to flow in the grace of God, those who allow themselves to dance with the Universe, those who trust in themselves and those who understand that the universe is here to support them. We are children of God. We are stardust of the Universe. When we are present for our own lives, we are able to witness that life is beautiful. We are able to witness the grace of God. We are able to be present for someone else, possibly helping them on their journey, helping them embrace their authenticity. Be authentic is your life and the Universe will respond back as our lives are a projection of our thoughts and our beliefs. Just breathe, just believe. Commit to yourself that you are here to show up for your life.


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