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A natural born desert priestess from Palm Springs, Sabrina is passionate to be the light she wishes to see in the world.Sabrina Riccio is a spiritual mentor, holistic practitioner, spiritual rights activist, speaker and writer who inspires others to follow their bliss and to live a life filled with passion, authenticity and radical forgiveness. She is the founder of Shamanessa Goddessa, an online gathering space to reignite humanity’s true essence by embracing our authenticity through healing, restoring, and honoring the Sacred aspects of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within to help restore balance and awareness on the planet. Serving the greatest good by embracing the light, Sabrina is here to help transcend negativity and generate a new world by embracing God’s Light through Divine Consciousness.As a Daughter of the Casa, blessed by John of God, she has dedicated her work to help co-create a new world by embracing Divine Light, anchoring in the sacred reunion of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. She offers Spiritual Mentorship programs to help women reclaim their sovereignty by sharing their medicine and honoring their story.



In this episode of Sovereign Goddess, Sabrina Riccio embarks on real and insightful conversation about how we can rise up and keep the momentum alive with Standing Rock. While President Obama stated that the Dakota Access Pipeline was not allowed to go under the Missouri River, Energy Transfer Partners are still going forward to try and complete the pipeline. This has brought forth a huge uprising of the people who are standing up for peace. As we witness history in the making with events like Standing Rock and the #NODAPL movement, we are called to gather the troops and come together in unity. There are many spiritual lessons for us to learn from this experience and in this episode, Sabrina talks about the Astrological influence behind our generation and why we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. This is not the time to back down, rather, this is the time for us to awaken to our truest selves and to go out into the world and share our medicine unapologetically.



↠ keeping the faith alive for Standing Rock

↠ astrological insights about Generation Now + Millenials

↠ the spiritual lessons behind all of this

↠ the importance of keeping the faith and coming together

↠ clearing the karmic cycle for future generations


This episode is jam packed with juicy insights from your host. Talking about everything from Kundalini Yoga to Astrology to even action steps for you to take, this episode will leave you feeling inspired and supported as you go out and keep up. This is about standing up for your beliefs and your values. We are witnessing the awakening of a new paradigm. Yes, it can get messy, but it’s our mess. We have what it takes to make it out on the other side. With perseverance and vigilance, anything is possible in the name of love. My intention for this episode is to empower you to believe in humanity and to recognize the silver lining to all of this. History is on our side and we mustn’t give up now! We were made for this! This is the Rise of the Phoenix realized.

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