golden mylk. nurture your body. heal your soul. »

golden mylk. nurture your body. heal your soul.

My body has been FEELING it all. During my last semester of college, I was in a neck brace after being in a head-on accident. With this cold weather, my neck, shoulders, and back are experiencing all the feels.

I’ve been doing my best to honor her and take care of her, aka radical self-love. I’ve heard the call to slow down and b r e a t h e . This Lepidolite was by my side during my John of God journey in Brazil and is continuing to help me today as I am in this phase of transformation + transmuting the lower frequencies of PTSD, trauma, panic attacks, depression, + anxiety that once paralyzed my soul.

My love of plant medicines has given me the opportunity to work with Gaia to heal my body, mind + soul. Turning to the yogi principals and teachings that have been passed down, this is me taking responsibility for my life and my health on a sovereign + conscious level. Lately, I’ve been hearing the call to be drinking more golden mylk!






TURMERIC | lubricant for the joints. release inflammation. heal the wounds of the past.

BLACK PEPPER | purifies blood. aids digestion. repair free radical damage + improves neurological health.

RAW HONEY | full of vitamins, nutrients, + powerful antioxidants

COCONUT OIL | healthy fat. antimicrobial. antifungal.

CINNAMON | boost cognitive function. grounding. honor the root chakra.

VANILLA | aphrodisiac. anti-inflammatory. cholestrol stabilizer.

COCONUT MILK | prevents anemia. anti-inflammatory. fights infection.



1 cup of unsweetened vanilla coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
shake shake shake of black pepper
dash dash dash of ground vanilla
1/2 teaspoon of raw honey
sprinkle sprinkle of cinnamon

cook over medium-low heat. stir. and drink it all up!


Sovereign Embodiment

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