024 | Cultivating New Habits for a Kick Ass 2018

While 8% of people achieve their New Years Resolutions, 80% fail by February… That’s insane! We have these visions and dreams and we want to make the shift, but how much do we really want it? As we embark on our last weeks of what has been a wild 2017, we have the grit and the opportunity to get a head start of our New Years resolutions by starting NOW. All your power and presence starts in this present moment. Rather than having our goals and desires be a pipe dream, taking the action steps today towards what it is you’re ready to manifest and realize gives you a boost and helps you on the path to a Kick Ass 2018.


We are on the precipice of the holiday season. Imagine starting your new habits before hitting the Thanksgiving table and being around all the family. Without a doubt, our families are our biggest triggers… it’s why we chose them in this lifetime. When we remember that they are simply a reflection of us, we can choose again and see it as an opportunity that the Universe is conspiring in our favor by showing us the areas we need to address and work through so that we too can inspire our families to make the change. 



As we begin to cultivate these new habits, we are able to start working on this subconscious chain reaction between our mind, glandular system and our nervous systems. This is the time for us to take action and become a pro along our soulistic journey rather than an amateur. To anchor in our desires, we must have our bodies prepared for these higher frequencies. This is why more than ever our health needs to be addressed and honored, and this especially means taking the time to rest and regenerate our cells to be strong and to withstand what may come our way along the journey. Because let’s face it, the Universe wants to see how much we want it! Tests may come along the way to see if we pass or if we continue to make ourselves the victim of our reality.



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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about…

☾ The difference between being a pro + being an amateur 

☾ The power of Sadhana

☾ Restructuring our habits with 40-90-120-1000 days

☾ The Stats behind failed New Year’s resolutions

☾ Insights of Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio

☾ Cultivating a healthy nervous system

☾ How to really anchor in what it is you’re ready to manifest

☾ How to authentically show up in the world

☾ Navigating through the holidays with family + the collective

☾ Kicking off 2018 on the right foot by starting NOW


With Saturday being a New Moon in Scorpio, we are asked to really slow down and honor ourselves and our needs. Deep insights are rolling through because we are here to reflect on the year we’ve endured and what worked and what didn’t. With this opportunity, we are able to choose again and choose to be in alignment with our heart’s desires. Luckily, I’ve launched Stay Woke, just in time for the holidays. This 6-part e-course is designed to work on your unconscious and subconscious mind as you begin to honor all facets of your human experience with ease and grace. That means, honoring your shadows, practicing humility with radical forgiveness, and also having your life be a sacred experience. Taking the time to invest in yourself, allows you to authentically show up in the world with the confidence and the grit, knowing that what you desire is yours to have, but you must be able to honor the journey and trust the process. 


We are at a point now where we must be willing to slow down and honor what arises. If we constantly allow ourselves to overwork ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. Enough of that, darling. So as you go forth and reflect on 2017, focus on how you want to feel in 2018 and start to make the shift today by cultivating your daily practice and rituals to support you and develop the foundation for you to be grounded in your be-ing as you soar to new heights and finally anchor in the miracles you’ve been working towards.


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