The Revival of Cacao + Living in Ceremony with Sena Shakti Shellenberger

On this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I had the immense pleasure to talk to fellow medicine woman Sena Shakti Shellenberg about Cacao, Plant Medicines, and the power behind trusting your Intuition as you embark on your Spiritual Journey. I met Sena this summer in Joshua Tree at Bhakti Fest at a Cacao Ceremony and I knew there was more to this lady in front of me. Not only were all of my friends raving about her and her knowledge of cacao, but as a plant medicine consumer + believer, I too have been more interested in Cacao and her healing properties.

After working 5 years in Silicon Valley with Google, Sena knew there was more to discover as she embarked on her Spiritual Journey. Unsure of where her life was going, Sena began to trust her intuition in order for her to align to her highest purpose. Waking up and realizing her dharma was about to unfold, Sena sold her belongings and traveled to Peru to sign up for a 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training that also incorporated Plant Medicines. It wasn’t until she sat in Shamanic Ceremony involving Palo Santo, Bells, Crystals, Rapé (tobacco snuff), Cacao, and Sanaga (Amazonian Eye Drops) that she heard the call to work with the plant medicine of Cacao.

Following the guidance from her Spirit Guides, Sena embarked on an intense journey of purging and clearing out what no longer served in order to make room for the abundance in store. Exploring unknown territories for almost a year, Sena heard the call to come back and do the work. She recognizes more than ever, this medicine needs to be shared with the masses. The Mayans prophesied that Cacao would be making a comeback when the people of the world needed to open their hearts and connect with Nature again. P O W E R F U L , right?


Sovereign Goddess Podcast episode 023 | The Revival of Cacao + Trusting the Flow of the Journey // Sena Shakti ShellenbergerSovereign Goddess Podcast episode 023 | The Revival of Cacao + Trusting the Flow of the Journey // Sena Shakti Shellenberger

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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about…

☾ The power of connection with Cacao + Ceremony
☾ The Revival of Cacao
☾ Conscious Partying with the Consumption of Cacao
☾ Sharing our Medicine through Authentic Storytelling
☾ The importance of vulnerability, discernment, and boundaries
☾ What happens when you choose to ignore the guidance of Spirit
☾ Honoring the Ancestors through Ceremony
☾ Integrating the Healing and the Shifts of the Journey
☾ Coming home to do the work
☾ Committing and owning the wisdom you know… like really know



When you ask Spirit for help and it’s offered to you, but you don’t like what Spirit has to say, things can get messy. When Spirit Speaks, you listen. You are here and guided to serve the highest good and sometimes, our ego’s get in the way or we find ourselves negotiating with Spirit… good luck with that. Embarking on this journey means being in total surrender. You are here to be a vessel for God, the Universe, Spirit, Love. As we take the time to empty out and integrate the innate wisdom of the Cosmos + the Divine, we find ourselves living in a space of abundance and alignment.

While we do the deep work during these immersive integrations into the unknown, it isn’t until we get back home that we begin to discover the real work that needs to be tended to. It takes courage to come back to the default world and do the work, but this is our time to rise up and come out. Medicines like Cacao are here to help us open our hearts and guide us through these changing times. This is the time for us to come together and allow ourselves to be guided by our heart as we connect to the hearts of humanity and those we are here to serve. Just remember, Know that you know.

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About Sena

Sena is a carrier of cacao medicine, ceremonialist and people empowerer. She builds deeper pathways to self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love through ceremony, sound, yoga, meditation, plant medicine and coaching. She’s here to support our shift into heart-centered living.

After working 5 years in Silicon Valley, she spent eight months finding inner freedom in the jungles of Peru + Costa Rica. She is passionate about creating safe, nurturing spaces to share her wisdom and support our collective healing. Sena now resides in Sonoma County, CA where she leads women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, and international retreats. She recently launched an online cacao course and is excited about her New Year’s Cacao Retreat in Costa Rica.


Discover More about Sena

INSTAGRAM | @Sena_Shakti





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