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As we continue to witness this mass awakening happening on the planet, more and more people are quitting their 9-5s and are finally following their heart’s desires. The journey of the Entrepreneur is never easy 100% of the time. Because we’re all in this together, it’s important for us to come together and show up for one another. Supporting individuals and awakening what’s within them as they begin to honor their greatness and what it takes to bring them out into the world through our gifts in order to really lead in the world. Of course, it takes courage to go beyond the limiting beliefs that have been placed on us. Coming together as a community to express who we are.

Having a vision of a world that’s globally connected and unified is Danielle’s greatest vision. Seeing people live a life on purpose where they are aware of their gifts, honoring one another’s differences, and recognizing this as the opportunity not just to uplift humanity, but to see the collective live their fullest potential, this is what Danielle is most passionate about. Moving beyond our communities, it’s Danielle’s mission to connect with people on a global level to honor the diversity to come together and really show up in the world during this powerful time in history.

World Nativ is a community of dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs who are here to share their gifts and talents with the world. Through the power of community, when like-minded people come together to support each other and their visions to make this world a place of intention and purpose, we begin to heal and uplift the planet. As we continue to anchor in this Golden Era where collaboration and community triumphs over the competition, honoring one another and their diverse set of gifts and talents allows people to shine.


Whenever you start to follow your dreams, it’s never an easy road. Challenges and twists and turns are inevitable, but it’s always crucial to remember that what’s happening is always for you, it’s never happening to you. Remember to be consistent with the inner mission and vision and surrender to how it will look or how you’ll get there. This is your guiding compass to be in the world and to each other. The Universe knows what’s best in alignment with your highest truth and calling.

Listening to the inner pull of your heart, not so much what people are telling you to do outside of you. So what happens when the fears arise you ask? As Danielle shares in her Wild Awakening groups and her Intuitive 1:1 Sessions, it’s important to cultivate that relationship and understanding as to what’s your intuition and what’s your ego by asking yourself, “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” and keep going. Once you’ve sat with this question for some time, Danielle challenges you to do at least one thing on that list. This helps you see what you really desire and want to do. As you begin to do something you’ve never done before it can get scary, but as you do it and answer the inner calling, you begin to connect to the intuitive information that’s always coming through us. Things may come up and it doesn’t make sense logically, but as you begin to foster this relationship with your heart and your intuition, the commitment to your inner purpose allows the miracles and opportunities to arise.


Cultivating a self-care practice is crucial. As you begin to tune in and do the things your heart wants you to do, not only do you begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, but you also begin to foster a habit and belief of self-confidence where you begin to trust yourself from something within. Intuition is what leads you to the opportunities your soul’s been patiently waiting to experience. It’s up to you whether or not you take the leap of faith and do something you’ve never done before. Trusting your intuition and blending it with entrepreneurship helps anchor and ground your soul’s truth.


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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about…

☾ Fostering a relationship with your intuition
☾ Allowing the inner vision and purpose to be your guiding compass
☾ Trusting your heart’s inner desires instead of your head and the fears
☾ How Intuition is the future of Business
☾ Healing our Money perception to bring forth more abundance
☾ The truth about resistance
☾  How to anchor in the 5D conscious in the world today
☾  What it means to have real courage in the world we are witnessing
☾  The evolution of authentic connection + expression in business, social media, + life
☾  Acting from Inspired action vs receptivity


Entrepreneurship is about taking intuition, taking vision and giving it a body. This helps you birth the vision in the form of entrepreneurism. Whether it be a business or passion project that’s supporting you and your life’s mission, Danielle explains it as the birthing canal of vision being this upside-down triangle to awaken to your fullest expression of you and birth through vision something tangible. It takes courage to allow your intuition to guide your business which results in truly making an impact on the planet. As we cultivate a spiritual business, we begin to foster an energy and guiding force that can make a lasting impact on the world. As we see business as an energy healing work, you have the potential to create a positive impact to thousands to millions to billions of people across the world thanks to advancements in technology. And guess what, it’s totally possible to make an impact and be abundant!

As you feel resistance in your body about things such as money, it’s important to tune within and talk the fear within you and ask it questions to begin to foster a relationship with it. Working with the resistance allows us to get out of the victim mentality and reclaim your power back from the limiting beliefs and the very thing that’s been holding you back from living your fullest potential. Much of our money issues come from the collective belief around money that eventually gets put in our energetic field that we then carry around. Often times, people have a difficult time differentiating between what’s theirs and what’s environmental. As you begin to fall in alignment with the Truth of our heart’s desires, we become abundant beyond money. Being in service and ready to show up in the world, the Universe begins to offer you opportunities for support. Choosing to release what no longer serves allows you to align with your soul’s truth and purpose. There’s a calling for us leaders to show up and be abundant so that we can give more. All it requires is for us to remember that we are innately abundant and tap into that.


Looking at the resistance in the world, we find ourselves creating more polarity if we continue to side with the resistance rather than recognizing the pain of others as an opportunity to love and be heart-centered to create the solutions. The frequency of love unwinds the old traumas to show who we truly are and shift the planet.


Tapping into the evolution of humanity, we can see that all of this is perfectly unfolding for us so that we can become the fullest most authentic expression of ourselves and what’s possible in our human experience. Courage comes as we trust the heart and move forward anyways to where you begin to trust that over everything else. The courage to listen to yourself comes through meditation and yoga as we continue to go forward on our paths and fully enjoying this present moment we’re experiencing. In order to fully honor all facets of the human experience, we must be willing to face our shit and the things we’ve suppressed up until now. What we’ve gone through will be able to help those we meet along the way to help accelerate the ascension of humanity. Not only do we begin to cultivate a deeper sense of empathy, but we also are able to live from our heart-space and see people for where they are.


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Taking the time to learn the structure of business, we allow the whimsical beauty behind what we do the opportunity to thrive. What’s important in business isn’t just the traditional way of business of financial planning and structures.  Danielle believes business should be about learning the core ideas of business while also knowing yourself, your strengths, and your gifts to run a business that aligned with your natural movement. Using your intuition to feel out your business and your gifts are the best way for you to thrive naturally and authentically.

Beginning to honor the masculine and feminine elements of business, the structure and the whimsical, we find ourselves the opportunity to balance the receptivity and the drive forward to follow inspired action. It’s best to show up when it feels right + you’re feeling inspired, not exhausted. This is how it comes back to you when you’re relaxed, receptive and in this space of trust. As we begin to listen to our body’s needs and what it takes for us to honor it the way it deserves, we find ourselves in that alignment. There’s a cyclical essence happening always where sometimes we’re more inspired than others. All of it is perfect. Listening to your intuition and your body’s needs is crucial because the world needs you to show up fully. It’s okay to take breaks for self-care and nourish yourself. Filling up your cup and allowing the space of abundance in many forms that are overflowing is the secret to success.


There are always highs and lows, but it’s up to us to realize that the lows are there to help us grow. As you continue to follow the vision of how your gift can make the world a better place, allow yourself to remember the fact that you offer something no one else can. Your experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.


About Danielle Blum

Danielle Blum is the Founder and CEO of World Nativ and the Wild Awakening: Female Leaders Mastermind. World Nativ is a platform that connects minds locally and globally to support individuals in a variety of ways through entrepreneurship and personal development. As an intuitive business coach, her soul’s purpose is to support the awakening of individuals in finding their light and gifts to share with the world and then creating a community to magnify our efforts for global change.


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