033 | Spiritual Bypassing in the Spiritual Community and Upleveling with Kundalini Yoga | Krista Reierson

This episode is an energetic transmission that will help you uplevel to new heights. I had the pleasure of hosting Krista Reierson of Chalice Grove at the Creosote Casita for 11 days after attending the Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show. During our last night together, we decided to do a Mezcal Ceremony and record an episode for the Sovereign Goddess Podcast after the Super Everything Moon. While it was only the second time we’ve met in person, with her living in Canada, you know when you know that a soul sister is your soul sister. This episode was so potent, the video crashed during the recording. Luckily, we had backup. 


Collectively, we are all upgrading into our fullest, most authentic potentials. Along that journey, what no longer serves will have to shed away. Any dense energy you may have carried will be transmuted overtime to make space for what’s in store for you. When you allow yourself to sign up to do the Spiritual Work, it is not all Unicorns and Butterflies 24/7. You need to allow yourself to honor what’s arising and get real with it! This is how you allow yourself to transmute the darkness with your light. In a world of Instagram where everyone shows their highlight reel of their lives, it’s important and spiritual leaders to get honest and real about honoring all facets of the human experience. This is how we generate authentic connection with our peers and those to whom we are influencing. People want to know that they are being seen and heard and that they aren’t alone on this journey. This is the core of empathy and compassion. This is how we generate a heart centered world and community.

When we can come home to ourselves as our own infinity, we can release the illusion, the shrouding of the residue of our past.

— Krista Reierson


Remembering that we are multi-dimensional beings, it’s important to remember where we came from from our human experience and also the truth that we are creating time and space through our reality. In order to up level to these higher states of consciousness and awareness, we must be willing to look at our shadows, honor them, and make peace with our past, knowing where we’re going. This is only the beginning of our collective ascension, but in the meantime, we must be willing to honor it all and to know that all is unfolding according to Divine Plan and Will. Stop being the victim and choose to be victorious. It’s important to honor the mystery of how it’s unfolding because that’s where the magic happens. Be with the flow of the Energy that is flowing through you and is always present in the world. 


Krista Reierson of Chalice GroveKrista Reierson of Chalice Grove

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In this Episode we Talked about…

The Magic of making collections through Instagram

What makes Kundalini Yoga so special

The importance of sharing all facets of the human experience

What it means to really do the Spiritual Work

Anchoring the lessons from A Course in Miracles

Authenticity in your Brand

The Power + Technology behind Kundalini Yoga

Healing with Archetypes

The blessings and opportunities the shadow brings

Anchoring the 5D new Paradigm

The importance of honoring the mystery of life

Embracing your inner feminine to call in opportunities

Healing the collective unconscious 

All things the Auric Field, Nervous System, and Depression

Cultivating the Level of Trust + honoring those negative thoughts

Becoming Human is an act of bravery.

— Krista Reierson

About Krista Reierson

Krista is an entrepreneur based out of Calgary, AB. She created Chalice Grove as a platform for healing after her personal health hit rock bottom; somewhere deep within she knew she had the ability to heal, nurture, and love herself back into wholeness. Her company has a wide variety of services which include adornment for the aquarian age, empowerment coaching, writing, workshops and kundalini yoga.


Discover More about Krista Reierson and all things Chalice Grove

Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/chalicegrove

Website | http://www.chalicegrove.com


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