034 | Navigating + Aligning Through Your Saturn Cycles & Saturn Return // Sandy Sitron + Dana Balicki

Every 7 years, we are personally facing areas in our lives that are yearning for our love and attention to make sure we are aligned to our Sat Nam. Why you ask? It’s because Saturn is making big moves in your astrological chart. Once you reach the ages of 28/29ish and 56/57ish and again when you’re 84/85ish, you’ll find yourself experiencing a Saturn Return where Saturn has made a full orbit and is back in the same sign when you were born. Potent stuff over here!


In Episode 034, I was blessed to have Sandy Sitron, a NYC-based astrologer and hypnotist, and Dana Balicki, a Joshua Tree-based transformational coach. They bring astrology and transformational coaching together to help ever-evolving souls create clarity and confidence in their work, life & love — perfectly timed with the cycles of the stars.  As someone who’s currently going through her personal Saturn Return, many things are coming up to the surface in order to be healed and transmuted right now. And being someone who has many friends who are also going through their Saturn Return, it was only inevitable for me to have Sandy Sitron and Dana Balicki to talk about all things Saturn and how we can use this time to truly transform our lives. 


Doing the inner work, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive. Being able to know the power of the influence of these planets, you’ll find that you are able to reclaim your power by navigating through the seas of life. With Saturn Return being a massive Cosmic Rite of Passage, navigating through these times with the help of those who’ve already experienced it and allowing yourself the opportunity to be easy and gentle on yourself will help you get through the otherwise with ease and grace. There are never any accidents to what it is you’re experiencing. it’s whether or not you allow yourself to be the victim of it, or if you choose to be victorious.

By understanding someone’s balance of their signs, we can understand where they are coming from and what they are working with. It’s not about judgement. It’s about empathy and understanding.

— Sandy Sitron

Navigating + Aligning Through Your Saturn Cycles & Saturn Return | Sandy Sitron + Dana Balicki on the Sovereign Goddess PodcastNavigating + Aligning Through Your Saturn Cycles & Saturn Return | Sandy Sitron + Dana Balicki on the Sovereign Goddess Podcast

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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talk about…

☾ The importance of emptying out the old in order to fill up with the new

☾ Shifting into our manifestations knowing what’s ready to be transmuted

☾ Honoring all facets of the human experience

☾ Understanding the Saturn Cycles and your Saturn Return

☾ Why Astrology is the language of the future

☾ The archetypes of Saturn

☾ Anchoring the new 5D paradigm through Astrology

☾ Cultivating a deeper sense of empathy through Astrology

☾ Acknowledging the Shadow of all things


From April 2-11, Sandy and Dana will be offering numerous of free workshops to talk about Saturn, but if you’re ready to dive in deeper, join Sandy + Dana for their 6 week Saturn Return Workshop. Sandy, Dana and I are here to support you as you navigate through your Saturn Cycles. As an affiliate for their Saturn Return Workshop, when you sign up for their 6 week course by visiting bit.ly/SaturnReturn9, you’ll get a FREE SOUL SPREAD + PRESCRIBED KUNDALINI YOGA KRIYA from me to support you through your journey through the Saturn Return Workshop and beyond (valued at $99).


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To check out more from these ladies and take part in their free Saturn Return Webinar here | bit.ly/SaturnReturnWebinar

Wanna snag your free Soul Spread + Kundalini Yoga Prescription? Sign up for Sandy + Dana’s Saturn Return Workshop 6-week Course here bit.ly/SaturnReturn9


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