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058 | The Secrets to Building Your Brand / Jessie Donahue + Miranda Luebkeman

It’s no question there is a rise of entrepreneurship. People are itching to create the business and life that gives them total freedom to be sovereign. We are living in times where people are living life by their own rules and that means, we have the opportunity to create the business and life that blesses up the world. With this comes the fact that you must be willing to know who you are. What lights you up? What sets your soul on fire? What’s your sacred why? There is no separation between us, our work, our health, our spirituality and our business these days. It’s a soulistic relationship where everything is interconnected. On this episode, I had the pleasure to geek out on all things branding and marketing with Jessie Donahue of MoonShot Creative and Miranda Luebkeman of Planet Palm Creative to share with you our favorite secrets about what it means to run a powerful, and successful business that can uplift humanity and the world at large.

058 | The Secrets to Building Your Brand / Jessie Donahue + Miranda Luebkeman058 | The Secrets to Building Your Brand / Jessie Donahue + Miranda Luebkeman

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In this episode, Miranda, Jessie, and I talked about….

☾ The importance and power of saying NO

☾ Trusting the process of how your business unfolds

☾ Honoring Your Sacred Why

☾ How Millennials are solving the world’s problems

☾ Cultivating Community + the power of collaboration

☾ How Business is Ashram

☾ Becoming Clear with Your Business + Brand

☾ The importance of Branding Work

☾ Social Media as a Trust Tool

☾ Keeping Marketing Fresh

☾ How to Attract your Tribe

☾ Future Trends in Marketing

Keep Up With Miranda Luebkeman

Miranda Luebkeman is a digital marketing expert and branding enthusiast. With over 7 years of professional experience at the agency and in-house level, she has worked with major brands like Mamma Chia, Nena & Co., Pura Vida Bracelets and RainbowOPTX to create highly engaging content & social media campaigns. She is the owner of Planet Palm Creative, a boutique creative marketing agency catering to purpose-driven lifestyle brands. Their mission is to help brands inspire, influence and activate their online communities.

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/miranda.luebkeman/

WEBSITE | http://www.planetpalmcreative.com/

Keep Up With Jessie Donahue

Jessie Donahue is the founder and CEO of Moonshot Creative. A creative agency that harnesses the power of neuroscience and design to build great brands and activate communities. Our agency provides full service brand development to growing businesses that are on a mission to make more than just money: to make an impact.

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/jessie.donahue/

WEBSITE | https://www.moonshotcreative.com/


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