Reclaiming Your Financial Power and the Uprise of Social Justice with Evelyn Von Zuel

Life is cyclical. There’s no denying that we are living in times where history is repeating itself because we as a society have yet to learn the spiritual meaning behind what’s been unfolding. There is an awakening rising to the surface. Humanity is waking up from the illusion. Since everything is universally connected, we’re reclaiming our power in all aspects of our life. This too also involves the truth about finances.

Each of us came here to do more than just work a 9-5. We are here to shake shit up as Sacred Disruptors who are setting precedent as we anchor in the new paradigm with the rise of the Divine Feminine and the healing of the Divine Masculine. Millennials, in particular, incarnated when they did to truly bridge the old and new paradigm. We are seeing this in every aspect and area of life.

On this episode, Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council is back and we’re talking about the issues at hand when it comes to politics, finance + tax season, and social justice and how astrology is playing a massive role in the evolution of humanity. The rise of leadership is happening and this is the call for us to rise up together and to honor one another for our gifts, our passions, and our medicine.

In this episode, Evelyn and I talked about….

☾ Honoring the Cycles of Humanity and the completion of karmic patterns beyond love and light

☾ How Marie Kondo is the conduit for the transition of Uranus in Taurus

☾ Millennial Influence in Politics and astrological predictions for the months to come

☾ Astrological insights + how to read your Natal Chart to harness financial abundance

☾ Transmuting the Patriarchal Systems and Structures in business to align to YOUR energy

☾ Infusing Spirituality into your Business, the financial systems and the economy as a whole

☾ How to anchor the New Paradigm of the Holistic Service industry

☾ A Sneak Peek on what to Expect with our upcoming Tax Prep Course, Taxes for Creatives

 … plus so much more.

“If you’ve ever felt like a leader, or if you’ve ever felt called to be leader… we need you now.” – Evelyn Von Zuel

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Meet Evelyn Von Zuel

Evelyn Von Zuel has been pouring her soul into the esoteric subjects for life times. She knew she was interested in the most mystical side of life since a very young age. Her knowledge and practice spans across many subjects, including astrology, guided meditation, crystals, moon ceremonies and occult history. Evelyn withdrew from her conventional career in 2016 to fully devote herself to expanding her natural gifts for healing others. Her birth chart readings are clear, honest, and sometimes life-changing. 

Evelyn is as enjoyable to be around and willing to listen as her Libra sun sign suggests. This makes a beautiful combination with her Scorpio ascendant, which allows her to see straight to the bottom of every question that is brought to her, and the ones that haven’t been asked yet. Meanwhile, her Taurus Moon allows her see the most realistic and attainable course of action, and gently offer it to you.  

Working out of the serene landscapes of Joshua Tree, Evelyn is able to stay grounded while holding space for you to dive deep within.

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