How to Best Honor Mercury Retrograde

Let’s talk about what Mercury Retrograde is all about, shall we? When we talk about astrology, this isn’t the fate killer, rather, this is a time to harness the energy of the cosmic influence that’s here to support us. Life is always happening for us, not to us. We’ve been experiencing a massive time of growth, success, and opportunity, I want you to understand that you have the power to work with these cosmic forces to support you on your mission to anchor Heaven on Earth as you go forth and unleash your medicine with the world.

Honor the Medicine of Mercury Retrograde | Sabrina Riccio

Healing your Relationship with Mercury Retrograde

In mainstream astrology, people give so much shit to Mercury Retrograde. As someone who is Mercury…. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, Moon in Virgo, Taurus in Gemini, I know part of my work here is to help the reputation of Mercury. This planet of communication, Mercury is a powerful one. As I talk about in my courses THRIVE and The Mystic Planner, each day is ruled by a different planet and Mercury rules Wednesday.

There’s no accident that we can begin to have a better relationship with Mercury Retrograde by understanding Mercury Retrograde. It has a bad rap for everything going haywire. Thing is, it’s your belief around Mercury Retrograde that allows it to go haywire. You are giving away your power to something you’re designing to be a hindrance rather than a support.

With Mercury Retrograde, yes, it looks like the planet is spinning backwards based on how close it is to the earth, but truth is, Mercury Retrograde is a blessing. How so? It’s a time for you to slow down and get your ducks in a row.

Embracing the gift of Mercury Retrograde

We live in a modern technological world where people have become so dependent on technology, that we forget to slow down and smell the roses. Mercury Retrograde is a time for you to get those projects finished that you’ve left dangling. What happens is that because you haven’t followed through with projects you’ve started on who knows how long ago, your energy is still there.

This is a beautiful time to call back in your energy and power so that you can flow and show up fully present. And let’s face it, there’s no time to half ass anything right now. The world needs your medicine meaning the world is ready to experience you to your fullest capacity. See this as a blessing from the Universe to get in alignment as you go forth and up level your human experience.

All is unfolding FOR YOU!

Remember, happening for you, not to you. You’ll begin to create the  S P A C E for the good things coming. With that comes the heads up. SELF LOVE IS CRUCIAL. Use this time to shield and protect your energetic field often. Some of my favorite ways to do that involve working with the Smoke Signals bundle, doing Kundalini Yoga, and of course, calling in my guides, more specifically Yeshua because all evil and dark energy runs away as soon as you call on Him. See this time as a beautiful time to learn how to honor your boundaries better by valuing your self worth.

Because the veil is very thin right now, I wanted to share with you ways for you to truly harness the energy of this powerful season we’re about to dive into. I’m telling you, this season is the answer to your prayers. You have the power to harness Mercury Retrograde to truly uplevel yourself and your mission on this planet.

Understand that how you do one thing is how you do all things. Your relationship to all facets of your human experience matter. With Mercury Retrograde, see this as a time to prepare you for all the goodness you’ve been busting your ass to actualize and experience. It’s going to take you putting in a little extra effort, but know that if you put your heart and soul into it, all things are possible. Now is the time for you to take action and to live out your divine mission.

How to Best Honor Mercury Retrograde

Permission to go within

Because my Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Taurus are all ruled by mercury, I use this time to communicate with my highest self through deep self reflection. Give yourself permission to go within and organize your thoughts, your action steps and the projects you’ve been brushing aside. During this time, become more conscious of your daily actions, the habits you’ve been doing and get radically honest with yourself if they are in your best interest or not.

Heal your relationship with yourself by making sure you’re honoring your basic needs, respecting what resonates with you as your truth,  and honoring your boundaries.While this is definitely not the time to start new projects, give yourself permission and space to finish what’s been unresolved. The art of forgiveness is everything now. The pent of anger and resentment isn’t serving anyone, especially you. Turn the page and give yourself an extra dose of self-love this time around.

Restore Humanity through small acts of Kindness.

I know you’ve been practicing the Kondo Method of going through your whole house to see what sparks joy. Maybe along the way, you found yourself with a stack of mismatched socks and a shit ton of left over glass bottles. As I mentioned, the veil is thin and the dark energy of jealousy may be coming to the forefront. Silly dark forces. Love will always win!

I invite you to find those mismatched socks and see which ones are kinda the same size. Instead of throwing them away, gather those socks and fill those water bottles with water and share them with a houseless person. The #1 thing Thrift Stores DON’T see often are socks!

These houseless people living on the streets are in tennis shoes with no socks. We all know how uncomfortable and cold that can be! Since we are still in winter season, help a brother and sister out by sharing with them your abundance! The more we instill kindness on the planet, the more we can experience more of it on the planet and let’s face it, we can all see more kindness in the world right now. Bonus points if you buy them a meal!

Detox your Sacred Temple within and without.

Use Mercury Retrograde to detox all areas of your life. Clean up your Instagram. Delete old pictures on your phone and files on your computer. Go through that closet if you haven’t already. Clean your body with a cleanse. This is a time to prepare for our rebirth. Clear out what doesn’t serve. Make peace with your past. Cut off the dead leaves and allow the new growth to happen. For me, I’m about to dive back into another Liver and Gallstone flush to purge out old anger.

Honor Your Sensuality

This is also an invitation to respect your body and your sensuality. Best believe, you’ll find me working with my Yoni Egg to heal the sexual repression I experienced after years growing up in the Church. Yoni Eggs are powerful tools to activate your Sacral and your Creative Juices. You are here to communicate your creativity.

Let’s face it, art will save the world. By fostering a healthy relationship with your Yoni, you’ll begin to birth in your visions, goals, and dreams. Whether you’re working with a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg to heal the heart, strengthen empathy, and unconditional love, or you’re working with a Tiger’s Eye Yoni Egg to transmute fear and anxiety to instill harmony and balance, this is the time to share with the world your creativity and your power. You can pick up your Yoni Egg here.

Honor all the re-’s

Reread. Revisit. Reasess. Realign. Recall. Review. Renew. Redecorate. Go back and take your time. Really feel into what’s in front of you. Create that breathing space and align to the version of you you see yourself experiencing and embodying as you call in and experience your desires. Go within and give yourself time. Redirect your energy and revisit those projects you’ve been putting off so that you can get all your ducks in a row to feel supported as you go forth and SLAY.

Slow down and smell the Roses

We know Mercury Retrograde has a bad rap for shit hitting the fan, but babe, just SLOW DOWN. Think before you speak. Take the time to really honor the blessing of the present moment. Finish what you’ve started my love. See the blessings that surround you that you get to do these projects and begin to really honor them with your time, your energy, your love.

See, Mercury Retrograde is the ultimate blessing. Use this Mercury Retrograde to take the time to strategically prep to share your gifts with the world, unapologetically. Remember, no one carries medicine quite like yours. What practices are you living out and implementing this Mercury Retrograde? Share with us in the comments below. The time is now for you to show the world just what you’re made of!

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