Transmuting Toxic Masculinity in the Age of Awareness with Tiaga Prem

All energy is neutral. We are here because we are on a mission to instill more peace on the planet. To get there, we must first cultivate that inner peace within. Life is a journey. Through experience, we are able to learn the lessons and share the wisdom to help and support our brothers and sisters. As we continue to activate our legacy and hone in to our sensitivities, our truth, and our divine purpose, we must allow ourselves to honor our needs, our energy, and what it means to be a spiritual being in this human experience. There’s no denying the uprise of Kundalini Yoga. Through this practice, we have the power to activate our human potential, clear out the energetic blocks, and tap into the prosperity that is our birthright by harnessing it within. The technology of Kundalini Yoga allows you to navigate through time and space with ease and grace by tapping into your life force so you can go forth and unleash your medicine with the world.

As this practice continues to grow in popularity, honoring these sacred teachings will help us anchor in the Golden Era simply because Kundalini Yoga allows us to unleash our truth, our Sat Nam. This is the new paradigm of yoga, the union within and with out. It was a no brainer for me to have Tiaga Prem of The Dharma Temple in Vancouver, Canada on the podcast to talk about all things Kundalini Yoga, the power of the Nervous System, and what it means to transmute toxic masculinity in the age of awareness. Currently, on a Spiritual Pilgrimage to uplevel the collective, Tiaga Prem is on a mission to share the sacred sites for us to begin to understand the ancient wisdoms so we can begin to infuse these teachings into our reality, today.

“This Aquarian Age is a time of deep awareness. Since it is a polarity planet, that awareness can lift and elevate or it can destroy you.”

— Tiaga Prem of The Dharma Temple

In this episode, Tiaga and I talked about….

☾ Honoring your Business as an Entity that’s here to serve

☾ What it means to really respect and honor the triggers and blocks

☾ The evolution of Kundalini Teachings + Gatherings

☾ How to evolve into 5D Consciousness and beyond through ancestral clearing and DNA healing

☾ The power of environment and strengthening your radiance

☾ How the Nervous System works

☾ The Power of Choosing your Awareness

☾ The evolution of business success

☾ Balancing your Masculine + Feminine Energy to reach Neutrality

☾ The Rise of Spiritual Pilgrimages

☾ How to Activate Conscious Men to Transmute Toxic Masculinity

 … plus so much more.



Sovereign Society Podcast | 075 | Transmuting Toxic Masculinity in the Age of Awareness / Tiaga Prem

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Discover Tiaga Prem

Tiaga Prem is a co-founder of the Dharma Temple Spiritual Center in Vancouver BC. He has spent 20 years uncovering what it means to live a spiritually inspired-conscious life. Forever a student, he shares authentically from his experiences with many wisdom traditions plus has a unique ability to deliver yogic concepts in a modern and accessible manner.




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