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119 | How to Slay your Biz During Mercury Retrograde

Embarking on the last Mercury Retrograde of 2020, it’s inevitable that we’ll be navigating through not just uncharted waters, but also a wave of challenges, feelings, and overall unprocessed emotions. What’s happening is that this is the time to end 2020 feeling empowered and embark into 2021 with more clarity, strength, and direction. As this Retrograde is happening in Scorpio and falling back into Libra, we’ll be experiencing this Mercury Retrograde during Libra into Scorpio season.

When Is this Retrograde Period

With a shadow period of Sept 23-Nov 19th and the actual retrograde occurring from October 13- November 3rd, the day of the 2020 US election, lots can be coming up to the surface to be alchemized once and for all. While it may seem difficult, this is what’s necessary to start a new year on the right foot, aligned to justice and demanding peace. Alongside that, Mercury Retrograde will be happening as the same time as Mars Retrograde, so prepare to stand in your power with conviction as you continue to align to the you who’s fully embodied in their sovereignty.

While this Retrograde is happening during a spiritual war and pivotal time in human history, best believe all that’s unfolding is happening in your favor. All it takes is you shifting your perspective and taking the initiative to turn your dreams into your reality. There’s no need to fear Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to honor YOU and your business. Here, you’re going to learn how to make the most of this transit and SLAY it in your Business.

How to SLAY Your Business during Mercury Retrograde

Happening in Scorpio and falling back into Libra, we'll be experiencing this Mercury Retrograde during Libra into Scorpio season.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ The Invitation to Rise like the Phoenix

◆ The importance of being the eye of the storm

◆ What the last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 means for your business

◆ What action steps to take to really slay

◆ Tarot Insights about the energetic forecast of what’s in store

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