The Medicine of Tarot + the Fool’s Journey with Rashunda Tramble

Because the coaching industry has conditioned aspiring coaches, mentors, and leaders to focus on selling to their pain points rather than the transformation they get to experience by taking the leap, we’ve witnessed a community of people suffering for far too long. Burnout is the definition of suffering and the opposite of freedom, flow, sustainability, all of which are necessary if you’re to run a successful business.

Having been someone who entered into this industry 8 years ago because I was taught to focus on my pain points, it took me hitting rock bottom in business with burnout that led me to truly reevaluate and shift my business. That suffering and burnout was a trauma response to stay in my “comfort zone” because suffering was what I knew more than success.

As times shift, it’s important to not only honor the traditions of the past but to also honor what’s relevant in the now. From this space, traditions can be revered with more respect and understanding. Luckily, there is a rise of creative leaders who are bridging the gap between these traditional metaphysical teachings and the world that we’re living in today. This is how we get to infuse the occult, into our culture in a way that is of integrity and aligned. It’s leaders like Rashunda Tramble who are working with divination and metaphysical tools to answer the call and help people discover why they think the way they do. As we navigate through these revolutionary times, it’s important to listen to people’s perspectives and to hear one another out… this is how we grow and connect while instilling neutrality and respect because each of us has different perspectives based on our experiences.

Through her book The Numinous Tarot Guide and her business, Stay Woke Tarot, Rashunda is on a mission to help people become aware of the whys, the how’s, and the what if’s of what’s going on so that we can be alert, and really identify and assess what’s really going on in their lives. And from this awareness, we can recognize how we can make an impact on a socioeconomic level. Whether through what we’re witnessing in mainstream media, we can begin to answer the call to stay aware of what’s really unfolding during this revolutionary time in human history and as we truly step into our true power.

In this episode, we talked about…

◆ Rashunda’s Journey with The Numinous

◆ What differentiates The Numinous Tarot Guide from other Tarot Books

◆ Tarot Magic in the Mundane

◆ Honoring the Fool’s Journey on your terms

◆ Answering the Call while remaining on point during Revolutionary Times

◆ The Rise of Mysticism in our Culture

…plus so much more

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Discover Rashunda Tramble

Rashunda Tramble is a writer and Tarot reader originally from Memphis, Tennessee now living in Zurich, Switzerland. She has a BA in Film and an MA in Creative Media Practice. She is also a member of Mensa and a certified Reiki III practitioner. She has worked in radio and television in the US, and marketing and communications (art, luxury and finance) in Europe. Having worked with the Tarot for over 20 years, she offers professional readings under the moniker Stay Woke Tarot. As of August 2020, she will be the official “reader in residence” for The Numinous, offering weekly Tarotscope videos to our newsletter subscriber base. 





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