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32 Nuggets of Wisdom After Experiencing 32 Trips Around the Sun

After navigating through 32 trips around the sun, it’s safe to say I’ve experienced an array of challenges, have celebrate wins, witnessed many losses, and gained many blessings along the way. While each of us are walking our own unique paths, often times, we’ll find ourselves realizing many of the same same, but different lessons. As an empath and Sacred Distuptor with heightened sensitivities, I came here to learn, came here to grow, came here to share and teach what it means to activate your unique destiny while revolutionizing the world with your medicine. And yes, while I recently lost my short term memory and have been navigating through the last nine years with a sensitive nervous system post being struck by lightning, and have navigated through lots of death, depression, and pain, none of that has stopped me from living life based on my terms.

It takes a courageous one to become fully embodied in their sovereign truth and in this week’s episode, I’m sharing with you some of the greatest nuggets wisdom I’ve learned after making the decision to stay true to myself and to lead with integrity.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Lower triangle work and why it’s been so powerful in my healing journey

◆ How you can accept the inevitability of failure and use it as an opportunity

◆ Why taking social media sabbaticals should be non-negotiable (even if you use it for your business)

◆ What it means to be a sovereign being and leader

◆ The importance of embodying your truth and sharing it with the world

◆ The one true source of happiness

…plus so much more

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