The Higher Harmonics of the Golden Age with Krista Reierson

Before learning golden age astrology, Krista was struggling as an entrepreneur to really find her path and niche but once she began to get more curious about her planetary placement and realized her path was connected to astrology, her life and business was changed forever.  Since then she has created a wildly successful business utilizing astrology as her main modality. In this episode, Krista and Sabrina discuss unconscious programming, indoctrination, and ultimately ways in which we can all raise the consciousness, starting with awareness.

In its simplicity, life on Earth and in human form should consist of living in your heart space and elevating to become the most loving versions of ourselves, for ourselves. So how do we do this? Through education and awareness, understanding closed systems (so they can then be opened), and understanding and honoring your heart and purpose.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Krista’s initiation to unleash Golden Age Astrology

◆ Understanding Closed Systems and how to reprogram from malicious mind control tactics to anchor in the True Aquarian Age of Open Systems

◆ True Kryst Consciousness as the restoration of the Sacred Union

◆ Honoring your heart and your unique role and purpose

◆ What codes are and how to receive them

◆ Wide Awake Wealth for women beyond money

◆ Dismantling Distortions in the Coaching Industry

◆ The Sisterhood wound and the conscious decision of investing in your coach and mentor

…plus so much more

Discover Krista Reierson

Krista is a multidimensional Golden Age Leader & Mentor who is teaching others how to liberate themselves from the Upside Down so they can learn to live passionately, purposefully and prosperous in the Wide Awake.She is the founder and creator of Chalice Grove, a health and wellness platform, and she’s a sought-after expert in the field of Golden Age Astrology; with a background in psychology, astrology, quantum kriya and the mind, body, soul connection, her wisdom derives from many initiations that catapulted her on this path. 

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