The Multidimensional Journey from 3D to 5D and Beyond »

The Multidimensional Journey from 3D to 5D and Beyond

Our multidimensional universe continues to spark interest in those who are ready to lead and serve in new ways. Navigating through the spiritual wars happening alongside the integration of new frequencies, codes, and activations, now, more than ever, are we being asked to truly become aware of the power of our intention and how we choose to show up in every interaction. Shifting from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, we are embarking on a journey of truly anchoring the Golden Era. To experience this as our new reality, more and more people must be willing to dive in deep and do the REAL work out there.

Yes, 2020 has been quite the journey, but what we’ve been navigating through is the opportunity to actualize our desires. We’ve forgotten along the way that it takes time for these new realities to be ingrained and experienced. To get there comes down to awareness of how we’re showing up and honoring what it means to be human. Of course, the light always wins. Now’s the time for us to activate our own inner light. We do so by embarking on the journey of embodying our multidimensional self and the journey that’s led us to this very breath.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ Navigating through this spiritual war

◆ Understanding the energy of 3D, 4D, and 5D

◆ The Journey from 3D to 5D and beyond

◆ Becoming a Multidimensional Leader in 2020

◆ How to Slay this Multidimensional Journey

 … plus so much more.

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