Courageously Embodying YOU with Amy Pamensky

As the veil gets thinner this Scorpio season, there’s no doubt that our ancestors have our backs during this revolutionary time in human history. What we must remember is the importance of you embodying your Truth with conviction and courage. While, of course, we have the medicine our ancestral lineage running through our veins, it’s also important to honor what makes us uniquely who we are.

Amy Pamensky is an Intuitive Mindset Coach who’s been through her own journey of honoring her truth and journey as she’s navigated through depression, divorce, and what it means to be courageously Amy. Building the relationship with our heart to then cultivate a symbiotic relationship between it and our minds is what’s necessary for us to navigate through this human experience.

As we begin to become friends with our ego instead of giving our power away to it, we’ll begin to witness real change in our reality, especially when we choose to embark on the entrepreneurial path. We’re not on this journey alone, and being able to answer the call and live out our soul’s mission, we’ve gotta first do the deeper work of falling in love with ourselves.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Embarking on the healing journey through depression

◆ Transcending ancestral conditioning and bridging the gap

◆ How paving our own path impacts our family lineage

◆ Having our ego become our amigo

◆ The power of genuine sisterhood and how to call it in

◆ Self-esteem and projection of others who are in the most pain

 … plus so much more.

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Discover Amy Pamensky

Amy Pamensky is a speaker, coach, and podcast host. She supports women to navigate anxiety, depression, and stress using a spiritual mindset approach so they can bring more light, joy, and ease into their lives.

Through her signature 6-week group coaching program, Discover Your Confidence, Amy teaches women how to connect to their intuition, increase their worthiness and deepen their self-love. She supports women in becoming the most confident and authentic versions of themself with a blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies including meditation, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

Amy is also the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast where she shares weekly wisdom of how to connect with your feminine energy to manifest abundance, love, and the life that you truly desire.





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