Honoring the Journey through Divine Intimacy with Alison Lessard

When we look for validation from external sources, we often miss out on the deep, soulful connection that we must have within ourselves first. By taking initiative and giving yourself grace, you develop a greater sense of self-awareness that allows you to create deep, intimate connections within yourself and the relationships that are present in your life.

We must trust divine timing and take responsibility for the patterns that we have developed over time, including responses to trauma. It is okay to give yourself grace. Remember to do so through this process. Practice grace and patience as you navigate this new 5D unity consciousness and connect with the source. Trust the process, love and allow yourself to be loved.

Today, former CEO and Sovereign Society client, Alison Lessard, joins the Sovereign Society Podcast to talk about cultivating intimacy within oneself through self-devotion and pleasure, and the importance of extending this intimacy to our relationships.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Cultivating an intimate relationship within yourself and the Divine

◆ Honoring Divine Timing when it comes to answering the call and taking initiative

◆ Recognizing the Patterns and conditions to take radical responsibility for your life

◆ Demystifying being “too damaged” in order to be in a relationship

◆ Understanding that you aren’t codependent because you have needs

◆ Including men when it comes to intimacy + spirituality

◆ The evolution of spiritual teachings

◆ Kundalini Rising + the integration of self through body awareness

…plus so much more

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Discover Alison Lessard

Alison Lessard is a Sensual Embodiment Coach and Pleasure Priestess for Mature Women.

She helps busy, burned-out women prioritize self-devotion and pleasure by getting them out of their heads and into the body. Through sensual embodiment practices, guided meditation, and tantric intimacy tools, she teaches women to carve out space to slow down and come home to themselves.

Alison is the founder of Rose Temple, a Feminine Mystery School for the more mature woman (late 30s and up) who wants to embody her own unique expression of sacred sensuality and sexuality.

Her soul purpose is to support women to embrace pleasure as their birthright and remember that their body is a temple of devotion and love. Alison has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, Coveteur, Racked, Bustle, Ignite Intimacy Podcast, Total Beauty, MindBodyGreen, and on Own Your Power Radio as an expert in women’s wellness, sexuality, and spiritual growth.

Follow her on Instagram @alison.lessard


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