Transmuting Racial and Generational Trauma with Plant Medicines with Amanda Elise

With plant medicines and the rise in the collective to heal generational and racial trauma on a cellular level, transparency is nonnegotiable. Amanda Elise of Spiritually Dope is here to share her perspective on working with indigenous medicines + ceremonial practices and how these sacred medicines are here to implement real change in the collective and for the generations to come.

Of course, with the rise of plant medicine, there comes a responsibility to do it with reverence, especially towards the indigenous. Honoring who you’re working with and the intention behind these ceremonies is a conversation that isn’t talked about enough, but it’s those who are leading and serving with pure intention and devotion to the traditions that will bring forth the suitability of the sacredness of plant medicine journeys. Currently, Amanda’s mission is to help African Americans heal from generational trauma through Kambo.

Right now, with the current spiritual war occurring, dismantling the matrix is nonnegotiable, especially in the spiritual community with vanity metrics and image. Right now is about answering the call, rising up for the collective, and choosing to be part of the solution.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Plant Medicines as transformational medicine for generational + deep healing

◆ The power of the subconscious mind as it pertains to manifesting

◆ Whitewashing in indigenous ceremonies and how devoted medicine people can be part of the solution

◆ Why Amanda answered the call to facilitate Kambo within the African American community to help heal generational trauma

◆ Dismantling the taboos around psychedelics and plant medicines and their ability to help support your divine mission

◆ Creating your blessed up life outside of the matrix

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Discover More about Amanda Elise

Amanda Elise is a reiki certified healer and multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneur who is on a mission to help women heal generational trauma on a cellular level through plant medicine ceremonies and daily spiritual practices.

She is the creator of the guided “Write it Into Existence” manifestation journal and which helps women manifest goals through changing their subconscious mind. The journals are found in her spiritual goods online store named Secret Mystic Crystal Shop.

She is also 1/2 of the duo promoting the Dirty30 Spiritual Weight Loss program, helping people to lose 20 lbs in 30 days by recognizing weight gain may be a result of a spiritual issue or trauma.






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