Ethical + Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Golden Age with Nina Marinaro »

Ethical + Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Golden Age with Nina Marinaro

As the popularity of online business continues to rise up, it’s important to bring about conversations, education, and information that can help legally protect the creative ones who are choosing to take the leap and be the change. Knowing the importance of Sacred Disruptors to take action, Nina Marinaro, ESQ. aka Nina The Lawyer is passionate about helping spiritual online business owners set themselves up for sustainable and ethical success.

And while the online coaching industry continues to grow and breakthrough financial glass ceilings, it’s important that a precedent is set that also sustains the much-needed industry. It’s also critical to look out for the signs of spiritual bypassing in the coaching industry so that we may continue to pave the path ahead with integrity, dignity, and sustainability

Honoring what it means to be a CEO in the Golden Era, her mission with her signature program CEO Skills is to offer online business owners resources and information to help Golden Age Leaders scale their business.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ paving your own path in entrepreneurship

◆ why legal protections and contracts are nonnegotiable

◆ the rise of spiritual bypassing in business

◆ how to be successful + sustainable integrating Golden Age Business

◆ the secret sauce of passive income success + the opportunities it presents that creates tangible solutions

◆ how to best serve your ideal clients


Nina is a NY-based lawyer & former lobbyist who quit her job in 2018 to travel the world & find a “freedom lifestyle.” Along the way, Nina met a ton of online entrepreneurs w/ no access to legal protections (like contracts) or traditional CEO skills (like organizing systems to scale sustainably). This prompted her to create a niche-specific contract template shop for online coaches & consultants as well as create her signature mentorship program, CEO Skills. Today, you can catch Nina traveling, surfing, creating content & collaborating with like-minded souls.





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