The Golden Age Return of Astrology + Magic with Bess Matassa

As we dive deeper into the second month of 2022, we find ourselves in a 6 year being the year of the radiant body in tantric numerology and in Tarot, the year of the Lovers, and in Astrology, the year of Gemini. By understanding the world of mysticism, we can work alongside these archetypes to navigate these times as we go forth and courageously live out our soul’s deeper mission.

By embracing the ancestral wisdom of our lineage alongside the ancient mystical teachings while embracing the modern technology and blessings of the now, with the wisdom of astrologers and mystics like Bess Matassa, author of The Numinous Cosmic Year, revolutionary shifts can be experienced in our world. By implementing this expansive knowledge and awareness, we can begin to witness how our inner landscape affects our external reality. And best believe that from this space, we can begin to honor and use our power to impact the outer world for the greater good, with intention and love as we choose to navigate this human experience with more ease and grace.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ The ancestral journey of bridging the gap and the return of immediacy of magic

◆ Bess’ journey from Urban Geography to becoming an astrologer and the parallels of inner emotions and the outside world

◆ Growing smaller + allowing things to come through with trust as the world does it’s work around you

◆ Using astrology + the moon sign to honor our emotions + our inner child

◆ Sideral vs tropical astrology and the symbols and seasons

◆ The Numinous Cosmic Year of 2022

◆ The Power of Mercury and your Moon Sign

…plus so much more

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Discover Bess Matassa

Bess Matassa, PhD, is a New York-based astrologer and tarot reader who serves up mystical self-inquiry with a side of play, poetry, and pop music. She is the co-author of The Numinous Astro Deck (Sterling, 2019); the author of Zodiac Signs: Leo and Virgo (Sterling, 2020), and The Numinous Cosmic Year: Your Astrological Almanac (Aster, 2021); and has been a celestial consultant for platforms and institutions including Teen Vogue, Almay cosmetics, Ace Hotel, and the Rubin Museum of Art. When not combing the cosmos, Bess can be spotted sporting hot pink lipstick while wandering deserts and tropics. 






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