The Deeper Medicine of the 2/22/2022 Portal »

The Deeper Medicine of the 2/22/2022 Portal

The medicine of the golden age is about understanding the interconnectedness of the mystical and the practical. And while collectively, we’ve been navigating through revolutionary and challenging times, through the medicine of mysticism, we can begin to put the pieces together as we continue forth to answer the call to live out our soul’s deeper mission and purpose.

With the 2/22/2022 palindrome portal approaching, now, more than ever are we asked to see how ancient teachings of astrology, tarot, numerology, and overall mysticism are here to help us integrate the energy of the Aquarian Age into our collective to help bring forth peace and justice. And with America’s Pluto Return landing, it’s been a journey of deep introspection and ancestral healing. Through alignment and the embodiment of our Truth, we can navigate through this time and space with ease and grace.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ The deeper medicine of 2/2/2022 + 2/22/2022

◆ America’s Pluto Return on 2/2/2022

◆ How Numerology plays an important role in the energy of our collective

◆ The tarot medicine behind this palindrome date

◆ How the recent retrograde season prepared us for the medicine of this auspicious date

◆ How to implement the medicine of this mystical date into our business and life

…plus so much more

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