088 | Initiating the Inner Alchemist | Krista Reierson

We are on the precipice of massive shifts in the collective and in the spiritual community as a whole. As more people are awakening from the illusion and piercing through the veil, it’s time for us to have an honest and genuine conversation on what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

Embracing all facets of this journey, Krista Rierson of Chalice Grove is here to share the depths of the soul and what it means to be human during this wild time in history. While it’s important to actively work towards our highest embodiment, it’s just as important to honor the journey and trust the unfoldment that is your life. This is the time to activate and embody your wholeness.

Through Kundalini Yoga and awareness, you have the power to become the you you’re destined to not only experience, but also to share with the world. This is the time for you to get radically honest and compassionate with yourself in order to implement great change collectively and for the climate. Our impact with revolutionary change begins within. It starts by you embracing your inner alchemist and this episode is the vulnerable, raw, and Real Truth to help you get there.

Whatever your darkness is becomes your deepest medicine.
— Krista Reierson

In this Episode, Krista and I talked about…

◆ Getting radically honest about what it means to be spiritual

◆ Embracing your Seasons of Becoming by recognizing patterns + rewiring the beliefs

◆ Toxic Positivity and how it impacts the Climate Crisis

◆ Comparison as the thief of our joy

◆ The Dark Night of the Soul’s Initiation Process

◆ Your Trials as your Greatest Teachers

◆ Activating your Neurons + 10 Bodies to Align to service

... and so much more.

088 | Initiating the Inner Alchemist | Krista Rierson