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Embodying Your Authentic Power with Brittany Hoogenboom

Our authenticity is the foundation to our existence and our success. Truth is, there’s no one out there quite like you. No one who can take away your power and your radiance and from this space, you have the power to revolutionize the world. Brittany Hoogenboom of Synergy Soul is a woman who’s unapologetically sharing and unleashing her medicine with the world. While it’s our generation that’s choosing to end the vicious cycles of cultural appropriating and social injustice, best believe the deep inner work is a non-negotiable. Radical change begins with you. Of course, the journey has it’s ups and downs, but as soon as you give yourself permission to honor you, your journey, and your authenticity, you’ll find yourself able to lead unlike anyone else.

In this episode, Brittany and I talked about….

☾ Transcending Spiritual Bypassing + Navigating through Shadow Work

☾ Cultivating Generational Healing + Stepping into our Authentic Power

☾ Honing in on the medicine of 2020

☾ What it takes to cultivate the foundation for success

☾ Conscious Parenting + teaching the future leaders of tomorrow

☾ Cultural Appropriation + Educating our Children and generation about Radical Change

☾ Embody your spiritual truth to heal + serve

☾ How psychedelics help transcend generational trauma

 … plus so much more.



107 | Embodying Your Authentic Power | Brittany Hoogenboom on the Sovereign Society Podcast





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Discover Brittany Hoogenboom

Brittany Hoogenboom is a Medicine Woman, a Professional Witch, Spiritual Advisor/Life Coach, and Psychic Medium. She has spent the last 13+ years deepening her connection to who she is meant to be in this lifetime. The day Brittany gave herself permission to fully embrace all of her – the light, the shadows, the greatness, and the flaws, was the day she stepped into her personal power and found her purpose on this Earth. The path of Self-Mastery or Self-Discovery does not only align you with your personal power and human experience in this lifetime, it strengthens your connection to Spirit and your Ancestors.

Brittany has dedicated her life to guiding others down the path of self-discovery. She is the bridge for those who seek a deeper connection to themselves and Spirit. She is the mirror of ascension. As a Spiritual Advisor/Life Coach she guides others to step into their personal power through authenticity. The tools Brittany provides her clients gives them the ability to shed the layers, thoughts, and ways of living that we forced upon them by the outside world. This gives them a safe space to embrace their true selves. Through years of walking the path of self-discovery, Brittany has witnessed a major shift in abundance, prosperity, and blessings in her own life, as well as internal peace, trust, and unconditional happiness. She loves to share these experiences and tools with those who are ready to live their best life.

WEBSITE | http://www.synergysoul.org

INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/SynergySoul_


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