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What Pisces Season Means for your Business

Being in the Mutable Season of Pisces, it’s time to dive in deep and come face to face with what’s going on behind the scenes. A feminine, water sign, Pisces season is the time of year of Spiritual Mastery so that you can go forth into the rest of the year and the upcoming season with direction, oneness, and embracing the polarity of you and your business. Now’s the time to find the space of neutrality so that you can serve your audience, your message, medicine, + your highest self with integrity + respect.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ The energy of Pisces and what to expect during this season

◆ How to experience success in your business during Pisces Season

◆ What action steps to take to SLAY this season

◆ A Tarot Card reading highlighting the energy of Pisces Season 2021

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