Aligning your SMART Goals and Desires to the Medicine of 2021


Closing out the last days of 2020, remember to look back on how far you’ve come! At times, it felt like we’ve experienced a whole decade in a year and others, time moved slow. What’s true about it all is that we’ve been able to realize what’s important in this thing called life.

As we look back at 2020, it was the Year of Lessons, Restoring Humbleness, An opportunity for Growth, Sovereign Embodiment. While CoronaVirus took the attention away from what everyone thought was going to be a kickass year, it kicked our ass in many ways.

2020 woke us up in ways we never thought imaginable. This was the year that had us see what was really going on, inspired us to take initiative, ignited our inner fire, and inspired us to take back our sovereignty.

2020 was the year of Self Mastery. Being a 4 year, the neutral mind in tantric numerology, it was the year for you to get to know you! You were tested, challenged, and went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Have you given yourself permission to look back at how far you’ve come since this time LAST YEAR?!

And as 2021 is just around the corner, it’s time to start taking initiative, working smarter not harder, honor the drive to be the change, and to truly answer the Call as to why we’re really here.

2021 the year where you take initiative and really unleash your medicine with the world, unlike we’ve ever seen before. Being a 5 year, the physical body, it’s time for you to take action and to embody your Truth, your medicine, and your sovereignty, sharing it with the world from the space of abundance and wealth. Feel into that!

Diving into Capricorn Season, it’s time to get to work and to start honing in on what it is we’re calling in to actualize in 2021. To get there and to close out 2020 feeling aligned and complete, spend some time harnessing in on your SMART desires to get crystal clear on your driving force into a fresh new beginning.

◆ embracing your SMART Desires ◆

S | Specific

It’s time for you to get crystal clear on what it is you’re calling in! When you place your order to the universe of what you’re here to actualize and manifest into your reality, 2020 was the year of crystal vision! More than that, what does it feel like when you achieve that desire? What version of you do you see yourself embodying? What’s your sacred why?

SMART Goals and Desires for your Soulful Business S | SPECIFIC

M | Measurable

Motivation is key here and you’ve gotta have measurable desires to keep you on track! Honor those deadlines. Work with the cosmos and the astro seasons to energetically support you. As you get closer and closer to actualizing those desires, remember to celebrate your small wins, aka the steps you took. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. How do you know when it’s been accomplished?

SMART Goals and Desires for your Soulful Business M | MEASURABLE

A | Achievable

We’re all dreamers here and while it’s important to shoot for the stars, it’s important to set yourself up to actually actualize what you’re calling in. Remember to be realistic and hone in on how you’re here to accomplish that desire of yours. Honor what’s on your plate, what resources you have, and get radically honest and identify what held you back in the past. So, what’s it going to take for you to actualize those desires?

SMART Goals and Desires for your Soulful Business A | ACHIEVEABLE

R | Realistic

My love, this is your life. Choose to achieve the desires that mean something to you. You are a sovereign being and this is all about choosing from the space of alignment and what feels expansive for YOU! This is your destiny and your reality. Choose to be responsible in achieving your desires so that you can fully embody your TRUTH. Get radically honest about why you’re calling this in. If it doesn’t light you up or if you feel like it’s out of alignment with what you’re willing to commit to, check in with yourself!

SMART Goals and Desires for your Soulful Business R | REALISTIC

T | Timely

Keeping the eyes on a prize comes with having a target date as to when it’s happening so you can put in the commitment and make that dream of yours your reality. Honor the elements to experience and achieve success! Again, work with the cosmic energies in play and start scheduling time to actualize that desire of yours. Looking back on the elements to actualize your desires, how much time is it going to require you to show up for it?

SMART Goals and Desires for your Soulful Business T | TIMELY

2020 has prepped you for this and now, it’s time for you to claim what’s yours, make the decision to actualize your deepest desires, surround yourself with people who support you, and make those dreams of yours your reality! Give yourself the opportunity to honor yourself for how far you’ve come. Remember, you chose to come here during this revolutionary time to unleash your medicine with the world!

Share in the comments below how you’re choosing to show up in 2021!

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