Bridging the Gap on the New Age to Jesus Movement

Transcending the childhood traumas, ancestral karma, and societal conditioning, the greatest opportunity for us to embody our sovereignty is NOW. Unfortunately, we’ve also witnessed dogma in conditioning not just in religious upbringing, but also with the New Age movement. As we honor the Solstice and the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, it’s time to anchor the Aquarian Age, the Golden Era of community, rebellion, and revolutionary shifts.

These revelations of 2020 that came from us slowing down and reevaluating what’s our Truth, allowed us to recognize how the pendulum has swung hard both ways. And with the holidays here, even though it’s a different kind of season this year, we’re being tested, more than ever, to see how we react and how we choose to anchor Unity Consciousness. To anchor in 5D as our reality, we must learn to love and be compassionate like Yeshua while also honoring the ancient wisdom and teachings much of the New Age movement stems from.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ Navigating through the Religious dogma of fear and perfectionism

◆ Understanding False Light and the Spiritual Bypassing in the New Age Movement

◆ How Psychedelics and Yeshua come together

◆ The True path into 5D Unity Consciousness

◆ Cultivating a relationship with Yeshua in the Golden Age

◆ Sovereign Embodiment and practicing Compassion around family

◆ How to navigate through your ascension journey with more grace

…plus so much more

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