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092 | Reclaiming Your Innocence / Fern Olivia

The evolution of Spirituality is THRIVING, alive, and well. As millennials, we are redefining what it means to be spiritual in today’s day in age. We are being called to bring our energy and visit the sacred sites around the world to activate something deep within ourselves. We are taking responsibility for our health on all aspects and levels including ancestrally, in our community, and our overall well-being. We are rising up to come forth and unapologetically share our truth and live our Sat Nam.

My dear friend Fern Olivia is no exception. As someone who’s been educating the world about the importance of thyroid health, she’s moving mountains and speaking up on sustainability, doing the work, and what it takes for us to reclaim our innocence. Our lineage plays a massive role to our experience today and it’s up to us to take action and do something about it. Truth is, there’s no more time for us to play small. Each of us are here to show up in our power and in our wholeness. To get there, we must be willing to embrace all facets of what makes us us. We must honor the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We must be willing to have faith in something bigger than ourselves. From this space, we experience miracles.

When we have faith, we know that we have devotion. Something greater than our own body, it changes our lifespan. There’s something out there helping us heal.

— Fern Olivia

In this Episode, Fern and I talked about…

◆ Answering the Call to visit Energy Vortexes + Sacred Sites around the World

◆ All things Thyroid Health + Your Glandular System

◆ The Truth about Social Media for Connection + Authenticity

◆ Owning your connection to Break Free from Societal + Religious Conditioning

◆ Claiming your Power to Overcome Health Conditions, Ancestral + Past Life Trauma

◆ Transcending False Light by Embracing Darkness + Sadness and what it means to be human

… plus so much more

092 | Reclaiming Your Innocence / Fern Olivia092 | Reclaiming Your Innocence / Fern Olivia

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Discover More from Fern Olivia

Fern Olivia “Thyroid Whisperer” is an intuitive thyroid health expert and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition passionate for empowering all those who meet her to fall in love with a liberated, self-expressed, sustainable lifestyle. Fern Olivia is a former Biomedical Engineer and Finance professional turned Medicine Woman, Intuitive Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga teacher, speaker and wellness journalist, and she lives her dream life in Nosara, Costa Rica where she offers Reiki practitioner attunements, personal spiritual purification and detoxification retreats, Thyroid Yoga® (www.thyroid.yoga) trainings and has founded Nosara Wellness Guide (www.nosarawellnessguide.com), a luxury holistic wellness concierge for travel in Costa Rica. Through her own personal experiments, research and intimate journey, she has created the Thyroid Yoga® method and Cosmic Truth Energy School, along with experiences, retreats and teacher trainings through which thousands of women and men have been able to tap into their own self-healing by adapting holistic rituals to support their vitality, and becoming their own intuitive healers.

She is also the founder of Ajai Alchemy (www.ajaialchemy.com), an 100% organic essential oil brand featuring thyroid and hormone balancing blends and aphrodisiac body oils.

Cosmic Truth Kundalini Yoga Retreat and Reiki Certification in Greece May 3-9 2020! www.thyroid.yoga/products/greece
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WEBSITE | www.thyroid.yoga

INSTAGRAM | www.instagram.com/fernolivia

FACEBOOK | www.facebook.com/yogawithfern


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