Remember, it’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

While at times it can be challenging to go through the shadows, we must remember that great healing and new life are occurring.


Over the years and throughout my own Spiritual Journey, there has been nothing I’ve accepted and honored more than doing Shadow Work. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why on Earth would I ever want to go to that darker side?!” and I get it. But the truth of the matter is simple, we do the shadow work to recognize the light.

Think about it this way… we all love looking up to the night sky. To see those beautiful stars shining up above us brings us light and a sense of deep gratitude. We must remember, we are those stars above us. We are all made of stardust- carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen – we are one with the stars… always. They shine the brightest when the night is the darkest. While at times it can be challenging to go through the shadows, we must remember that great healing and new life is occurring.


be patient, be kind

Any moonchild knows that the New Moon is the best time to set our intentions. The soil is fertile. The seeds grow in under the dirt where the sun is patiently waiting to greet the sprout once it reaches the surface with love and light. When we find ourselves in the dark nights of the soul, we set the intention to return to the light.

Truth be told, the greatest growth happens during the darkest times of our lives. While we go through the journey of the dark nights of the soul, we are called to be more gentle, more compassionate, more kind to ourselves. It is the opportunity to go through difficult growing pains so we may breakthrough the limitations of the perceived barriers and we find ourselves with the gift of blossoming and blooming.

We can recognize this when we watch the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly. While the caterpillar is in the cocoon, the transformation occurs in the darkest hours of its chrysalis. The struggle to break out and be free brings forth determination, adversity, and strength. It’s patience allows the butterfly to achieve its destiny, to soar free.


honoring the shadow

During my years of self-healing and self-discovery, the teachings of the late Debbie Ford helped me through the most challenging time of my life thus far. Her book, in partnership with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, The Shadow Effect, brought light to my darkness. Our shadow develops during our childhood. If we don’t dive in deep and heal our repressed pain of the past, it taints our future.

We must surrender to our shadow because it is forever part of us. While we recognize it, we have to be bold and brave and really honor the amount of power it has. Simply put, the shadow is your inner child acting out because it is wanting and crying for your love and your respect. We are being called to embrace the shadows of our soul and to let it know that without that pain, you wouldn’t be sharing your wisdom with the world quite like you’re able to today. Our strength comes from overcoming our adversity, just like that butterfly. No one wants to admit that doing shadow work is all fun and full of joy, yet there is a call to be more compassionate while we are in it.

Shadow Work comes during the most inconvenient times. This is why it’s always darkest before dawn. In order for us to be fully present for our manifestations, we must heal the wounds of our past. We can consciously choose to stop sabotaging ourselves and we can overcome our repressed shame, blame, anger, guilt, and pain once and for all. Of course, while you’re going through it, there will be times of difficulty, but think about it. You’ve made it this far and you’ve gone through so many other difficult times in the past and you were able to go through it then, weren’t you?

trust me when I say, you’re much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Much of this call for healing is happening at this moment and this time because we are witnessing a major shift in our collective consciousness… can you feel it? Yes, there are scary things happening in the world, but we must remember that the inner creates the outer and what we see is simply a holograph of what’s going on with us. If we are constantly seeing war, we must recognize the war within us. The outer world is the big neon sign, telling us to wake up and make the change in our own lives.

thank you, planetary retrogrades

We are seeing much of the Shadows emerging because we are in a very intense energetic time. While there is so much going on in the world due to humanity and existence recalibrating, we are in the crux of a major shift happening. As we mentioned in our Saturn Full Moon report, April 28th will bring the count to five planets in retrograde. Because these planets travel in a different speed around the sun than our planet, it appears as though the planet is spinning backwards.

With Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and now Mercury in retrograde, we are being called to truly slow down and dive in deep. This is a potent time to really re-, reevaluate, revisit, reassess, reconsider, reorganize, recongize, reclaim, release, revitalize. This is an opportunity for rebirth and to reclaim our light in this world and to release what no longer serves.

Alongside this re- time, we are asked to really respect ourselves. Our journey may not have been always pleasant or always easy, but we MUST remember that we are given what we can handle. Once we have been in that position, we can reasssure others that not only that they aren’t alone, but that we’ve been there. That experience has made us stronger and has given us the strength and the opportunity to genuinely come from a space of love and compassion for others.

Realize that you are here to bring the light into this world in a unique way that one one else can. You have gone through what you have up until this point so that you may offer a different perspective. Your experiences and your trials and tribulations have brought you to this very moment. It’s simply a gift to be going through these retrograde times because it gives us the opportunity to rest and to really take in the benefit of going through what we’ve gone through.

divine masculine and divine feminine healing

There has been this war within us. This imbalance within us deals with our Masculine and Feminine energy. We have been witnessing the rise of the Feminine as of late and as a woman, it’s been empowering to see women rise up to their authentic power and their beauty. Throughout much of modern history, women were suppressed. Women had to fight for equality in the workplace and for human rights. As warriors, we’ve had to really tap into our masculine energy for survival and for determination. Women are finally being recognized throughout the world as equal to men. In some countries, it may be taking some time, but we are blessed enough to see women around the world in many developing countries finally having the opportunity to have an education.

As there is a rise in the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine in women needs to be honored and recognized as well. Finding peace on earth comes when there is balance among our inner Masculine and Feminine energy. We are being called to give AND receive. Father Sky wants to reunite with Mother Earth. This energy wants to come and work together within us and outside of us.

While there is a rising of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is struggling up until now. Luckily, Mars retrograde is really helping heal much of the Masculine pain, yet there is a call to help the men in the world. They have been taught to repress their emotions and to “be tough and be strong” to prove their masculinity. Men have every right to experience their emotions and to express their emotions. Just as women have heard the call to connect and uplift other women through Sacred Sisterhoods, there is a call for men to also connect and find their Sacred Brotherhood tribes. 

There is a call to help and support one another. During this deep shadow work time, men too are being called to open up and release what no longer serves. The call right now is to honor and love what is coming up to the surface. While men are going through a major upgrade, they are being tested to step outside of their comfort zone and to release any pain that no longer serves. There is a call for all of us to surrender and have faith that all is well. We must first learn to trust ourselves and to trust in the Divine plan, then we can trust others and trust life. We must be whole within before we can go out there and live in our authentic power with grace.

everything is love or a call for love

As you commit to working on your shadow, you are committing to yourself that you are willing and ready to return to love. Allow ourselves to feel whatever is showing up, doing the work gives us permission to infuse our light into our darkness. Recognize that the dark pain is wanting to be healed by your inner light that resides and thrives in your heart. When the doubt creeps in, see yourself trapped in your past. Allow yourself to come back into the now by embracing that doubt with the love it needs, aka what does that past version of you need in this now moment?

Doing shadow work allows ourselves to reunite with our Sat Nam. It is the perfect opportunity to practice forgiveness for yourself and to heal from any trauma that may be temporarily imprinted as cellular debris. The best part of Shadow Work is that as you heal yourself and your pain, you help heal the pain of the collective.

 We are always our toughest critics. During this sensitive energetic and emotional time, we need to nurture ourselves and honor ourselves exactly where we are, right here, right now. We are called to take responsibility for our mistakes in the past, to atone our errors, and to allow forgiveness to take the lead.

never doubt in darkness what God has shown in light

Our lives contain a beautiful balance of darkness and light. This is what the Tao calls Yin and Yang. Taking the initiative to step into our shadows, we are able to find the Yin to our Yang. Our Shiva to our Shakti. We find wholeness and strength. There is always darkness in the light and light in the darkness. We must remember that darkness is simply the lack of light.

Find your light through the darkness. As you do, you inspire the world to be authentic. Everything you may have gone through or may be going through is all part of the Divine Plan for you. Do yourself a favor and love the one you’re with… YOU.

This is a time to not beat yourself up for the past. You’ve been doing the best you can up to this point because of your level of awareness. Instead, bring your light to the future by honoring your greatness and your perfect imperfections. Where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. As you do the work, you can look back and see how far you’ve come! Just remember to be kind to yourself as you would a child. Prepare yourself to watch the miracle unfold.


I want to hear from you as you go through your journey Leave your insights below and tell us what is it that you have been going through that is testing you and challenging you to love yourself more than ever before? As you have the courage to speak what it is you’re going through, you give permission for others to do the same.

xx Sabrina

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