How to Best Nourish your Business during Leo Season »

How to Best Nourish your Business during Leo Season

🦁 WELCOME TO LEO SEASON! 🌞 WOW! What a powerful time it is astrologically! Not only are we in the Lion’s Gate where we are in full activation station force to actualize our desires and lead courageously, but with Jupiter in Retrograde the same day as this Leo New Moon, and we’re coming up to the North Node, Uranus, Mars Conjunction, best believe it’s time to hone in on these incredible changes that are underway. Believe that you’re actualizing your deepest desires because it’s happening!!

This is YOUR life. Do not allow the outside world hold you back from actualizing your dreams and desires and you transform your visions into your reality. Lead with courage, yet also honor your heart and lead with that compassion because everyone is doing their best based on their level of awareness. Passion and purpose go hand in hand, my love. This life to too short for you to not be doing what sets your soul on fire.

This new energy is here for you to embrace. Let your inner child know that they are safe to take this leap into the unknown. See this as your answered prayer because while it may feel like many things are coming to an end in your life, recognize the power of regeneration and the rebirth. New beginnings are afoot for you, my love and best believe you’ll find yourself manifesting your desires when you start to believe in yourself, your visions, your dreams, and your worth. It’s time for you to follow your heart and keep the faith alive as you honor the journey and trust the process.


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How to turn on and regulate passion and motivation.
Be able to act + respond to our instincts and outer
events without reacting


Masters who are determined to sustain and achieve their goals with full force ahead, completing what Cardinal started with structure and persistence.

Middle of the Season is fueled to Radiate with Full Force the very Medicine of the Season to stabilize + achieve success.

✨ to lead with heart, nourish and connect with your inner child to strengthen your lower triangle… the foundation of YOU

✨ unleash your light with conviction as you live the dream with integrity and purpose

✨ reclaim your power from any and all people, conditions, or beliefs outside of you because you’re worthy just as you are

✨ embrace with integrity who you are because you have what it takes to actualize the life of your dreams

✨ find the strength to start embodying the blessed up version of you who’s business is accelerating to higher heights

✨ allow your business to share with the world how you’re here to lead and serve with integrity

✨ make sure your business is aligned with your personal values since your business is an extension of you

✨ allow the inner flame of your heart to be infused into your business as you honor your legacy

Allow yourself to shine. Allow yourself to be unapologetically you. Allow yourself to get out of your own way.

When you find yourself embodied in your Truth and embracing the blessed up version of you, you can stop chasing and start attracting simply by shining your light and radiating your radness. The question is, how have you been getting in your own way?

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