Inclusivity + Intersectionality in the Golden Era with Jai Chand + Grayson

The World can benefit for more kindness, more compassion, more soul. Jai Chand + Grayson are two Kundalini Yoga musicians and mantra singers who are here to bridge the gap between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age in the world of Spirituality. Kundalini Yoga is moving the masses in such a way that we are breaking down barriers and activating within us the courage to inspire the masses with our truth with conviction, ease, and grace. Through the power of authentic expression, these two are answering the call to share with the world their medicine, their truth, their light. In a time where the world is calling forth more people to raise the frequency of the planet, the naad is the medicine.


In this Episode, Jai Chand, Grayson and I talked about…

◆ The Journey post Kundalini Activation

◆ Expanding Consciousness through Kundalini Yoga

◆ Intersectionality + Inclusivity in the Spiritual Community

◆ Passing the Torch + the Evolution of Spiritual Traditions

◆ The principles + non-negotiables of the Aquarian Age

◆ The collaboration process to answer the call and share their medicine through sacred sound

… plus so much more

Check out their First Single Gobinday Mukunday

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Discover Jai Chand + Grayson

Jai Chand is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and new age mantra singer. She grew up as a competitive tennis player and found the practice of yoga after developing a knee injury in college.

She studied Kundalini Yoga in 2016 with Sat Siri at the Espanola Immersion. She also completed her 200RYT in Costa Rica at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers in 2013 where she studied Hatha Yoga. In Costa Rica she dove into the study of Mantra and Ritual while she was the Sous Chef of the retreat center.

Jai Chand and Grayson recently released their first single “Gobinday Mukunday”; and they are in the process of recording their debut album. Jai Chand performs at 3HO’s Summer and Winter Solstice, Wanderlust Festival, and Sat Nam Fest; leading Sadhana chants and vocally supporting various musical artists such as Hansu Jot, Aykanna, Sukha, The Sonic Devas, and Sat Purkh.

Currently, Jai Chand leads retreats around the world and assists Level One Kundalini Yoga Trainings with Sat Siri. Her focus on weaving the Naad into retreats and trainings. Jai Chand’s vision is to bring the healing power of mantra to people and places outside of the yoga and “spiritual” world.

 Grayson is a mantra singer, yoga teacher, actor and photographer. Grayson used his voice growing up in the theatre and eventually studying Musical Theatre in college at Columbia College Chicago. He moved to Los Angeles in 2014 from Chicago, where he began studying the yogic technology of Kundalini and Naad Yoga that his authentic voice was activated.

He completed his Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge studying under Gurmukh and Sat Siri, and he immediately began teaching at the Center of Blessed Sacrement in Hollywood, and various studios during his time spent living in Brooklyn, NY.

Through this yogic path, Grayson has collaborated with fellow artists, traveling around the world with Snatam Kaur as her photographer, and creating music with Jai Chand. Jai Chand and Grayson have debuted their first album “Gobinday Mukunday” and are currently working on their first album.

Grayson has also performed at 3H0’s Summer and Winter Solstice and various Sat Nam Festivals alongside Jai Chand and other musicians.

He is passionate about creating spaces for individuals to experience their essence through Naad yoga, movement and community.

Living nomadically for the last several years, Grayson is excited to re-connect and ground in Los Angeles in early 2020.

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