The Jupiter and Saturn Grand Conjunction of the 12/21/20 Solstice

2020 has been the year of shifting out of the old + making space for the new to come through as we prepare for 2021. With the Grand Solstice featuring the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction coming our way on 12/21/20, we are anchoring in the Golden Aquarian Age. While Jupiter + Saturn are coming together at .1 degrees in Aquarius, the closest they’ve been in 800 years, it’s time to experience 5D living + Unity Consciousness.

Understanding the potency of the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction this Solstice

Between the powerful energy of Saturn + Jupiter, you have to really learn about who you are this year. We are not only embarking on a new decade but really kicking off the Aquarian Age of community, collaboration, cooperation. You had to really become your own guru this year. Wildly enough, as we experience this Grand Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn are only .1 degree apart, they haven’t been this close since 1623! And, in another 60 years, they’ll be close again. More than that, the last time Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius was 1405.

Let’s talk about Saturn

Saturn is moving into Aquarius, Wednesday, December 16th. As the Master teacher, Saturn has been prepping us all year for this shift into Aquarius. Saturn stays in each sign about 2.5 years and while ee got a quick tease before he went retrograde back into Capricorn, to have us really revisit the last of the karmic lessons we needed to learn in order to fully prepare us. We’ve had to face our fears, get radically honest with ourselves, and really see what patterns from our childhood have been running the show. This year, in what areas did you find yourself giving away your power? It’s time to take back what’s yours because a new year is around the corner. It’s time to build a new future and to be in our integrity as we dismantle the matrix and break free from societal and ancestral conditioning.

Let’s talk about Jupiter

Jupiter on the other hand is moving into Aquarius on Saturday the 19th. This is the planet of expansion and if 2020 has brought us anything, it’s the simple fact that the arrow was pulled back so far in order to be shot forward even further. We’ve had to make space for the new and the good good we’ve been calling in to truly be anchored. While the last 11 months, Jupiter has also been in Capricorn with a GNARLY Jupiter Retrograde this year from May to September during the heat of the Black Lives Matter movement and around the same dates of the Saturn Retrograde, it’s time to open the doors for new opportunities. Yes, it’s a social planet that carries a lot of wisdom, but more than that, it’s carrying a lot of the energy of the Aquarian Age where we can really begin to recognize the interconnectedness amongst one another.

So what does this all mean?

We are embarking on an auspicious beginning of a new social order. Aquarius is the rebel and while it seems as though people are asleep, the truth is, people are waking up unlike ever before. We are using our platforms to be the change, to stand up for marginalized voices, and most of all, be part of the soulution with the intention to implement sustainable, real change. There’s no more room, nor need to hide behind a mask, ironically. It’s time to love all the parts that make us who we are and do it unapologetically. It’s time to embrace the new that’s coming in. It’s about you showing up, fully embodied in your truth with confidence, with intention, and drive to be the change you wish to see in the world.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ The shift of the Piscean to Aquarian Age

◆ Understanding the potency of the upcoming 12/21 Solstice

◆ Deeper insights about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

◆ Embracing the energy of evolved Saturn + Jupiter

◆ How to prepare for America’s upcoming Pluto Return

◆ How to snag your free Slay Your Soulstice guide

…plus so much more

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