Transcending Conditioning through Radical Expression with Marina Fini

Each of us came here during this wild time in human history to radically express our truth and our creative power. Those who are courageous enough to think and create outside the box are the ones who lead the revolution. Marina Fini is a multimedia artist who psychedelic and colorful art alongside her authentic courage and power is the antithesis of radical expression.

As someone who’s not only committed to the journey of doing the deep inner work, Marina is someone who’s courageously cultivating sacred spaces for the marginalized individuals, promoting body positivity, speaking up and doing something about white privilege and is helping transcend the taboo of sex work. Through this commitment to cultivate a better tomorrow, we begin to revolutionize humanity and bring in more inclusivity within our communities.

121 | Transcending Conditioning through Radical Expression | Marina Fini / Sovereign Society Podcast

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Staying in our integrity during challenging times

◆ Infusing compassion and bridging the gap of division through art and radical expression

◆ Healing toxic masculinity and the subconscious through deprogramming and color therapy

◆ Finding wholeness alone to align to your soul family

◆ Surrendering to the greater plan as you honor your journey and the path ahead

◆ The evolution of creative + artistic expression to embrace inclusivity

 … plus so much more.

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Discover Marina Fini

Marina Fini is a multimedia artist known for her plexiglass creations and ethereal full room installations that illuminate the complex and transformative relationships between digital technology, nature, psychedelia, and identity. Fini was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she still resides.

She began her artistic career studying film at the University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in Performance in New Media, a unique curriculum she designed that focused on the use of stagecraft, costuming, photography, and new technology in the production of experimental film narratives. Turning away from mainstream commercial media, Fini was already expressing her passion for cultivating a deeper, more conscious art practice that uncovers and empowers alternative and marginalized voices. Queer identities, abstract art, and high fantasy became themes that still resonate in her work today.




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120 | Transcending Conditioning through Radical Expression | Marina Fini / Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio

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