Mary Magdalene. The Rise of the Divine Feminine Essence with Faye Wylder

It’s no surprise the rise of interest in studying and sharing the gospel and story of Mary Magdalene. As the Divine Feminine Essence of the Christ Consciousness, Mary Magdalene represents the Sophia, the yin balance of Spirit. A powerful tantra practitioner and student of Queen Isis’ Sex Magic School, Mary Magdalene and Jesus would work together to help those to whom they’d cross paths with after being a mentee of Jesus’ mother, Mother Mary, another High Priestess of the Queen Isis Magic School.

On July 22, 2016, Pope Francis initiated Mary Magdalene as the Apostles of the Apostles, helping heal the centuries of persecution as a prostitute. Mary Magdalene was the anointee to her beloved Jesus. Together, they would help support people during a time when women were inferior to men. During these times, the patriarchy squashed the essence of the Divine Feminine for power and control. As we are on the dawn of a new Golden Era, her voice and her light is making a comeback, during a time in history where it’s essential for us to be in alignment with our Highest Self, the Divine Essence of love and compassion. Even after centuries of persecution, Mary Magdalene has remained the Ascendant Master of Unconditional Love. She reminds us to stay true to ourselves and to not allow the persecution of others to deter our bliss, our knowing, our truth, and most importantly, our connection to the Divine.

Faye Wylder is one of the leading voices for Mary Magdalene, sharing her message with grace in business and life. One of my personal favorite pray-ers, Faye is a light caster. Radiating her truth and being a vessel to allow the wisdom of Mary Magdalene to enter, she recalls the story told of Mary Magdalene brought Faye to study and connect deeper with the Sophia. It was in an initiation in 2012 through breath that Faye found herself baptized by the water with Yeshua holding the towel to dry her off. From there, Faye became a deep devotee to Mary Magdalene. She reminds us that Mary Magdalene reminds us that we are empowered. We are enough. We can call on support, we don’t have to do this on our own.


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In This Episode We Talk About…

↠ How Breath brought forth her initiation by Mary Magdalene | 8:02


↠ How Mary Magdalene has trusted the Divine Process as a vessel of Unconditional love for Centuries | 12:40


↠ The Synchronicity of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day coinciding with the New Moon of Leo | 16:20


↠ The Power of Praying Right and the tip of our Tongues to birth our Reality | 23:20


↠ What is Sovereignty | 25:00

↠  Conquering the Fear and Shame Society has Carried Around the Beauty of the Female Body with Prayer | 27:09

↠  Finding Balance between the Hustle and Flow with the Assistance of Mary Magdalene | 31:55

↠ Surrendering into the Moment with Breath | 36:00

↠ Conquering comparison by embracing community as we emerge the New Golden Age | 40:10

↠  Finding Balance between the Hustle and Flow with the Assistance of Mary Magdalene | 31:55

↠ Surrendering into the Moment with Breath | 36:00

↠ Conquering comparison by embracing community as we emerge the New Golden Age | 40:10


↠  Re-membering who we really are | 42:28

↠ Learning to Move and Wave with our Cycles, our Womb Blood, and the Moon | 44:31

↠ The Power of the “I Am” and connecting to our Feelings to Navigate and Become Aware of the Reality we are Living | 52:00


↠ Honoring the Power of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day | 01:08:25




To be sovereign is to take responsibility for our reality. This Goddess Revolution has allowed us to go back to basics. As a society, the more we speak of her name and share her message, her light, her medicine, we allow ourselves to connect to the Divine Feminine within us to flow through this time and space with ease and grace. Through our prayers and the way we speak, we find our way out of victimhood. We know that more than ever, we are asked to be our highest self unapologetically. Recognizing the importance of our Nervous Systems and our overall health, grace and surrender are essential for us to thrive during these changing times. As more women are hearing the call to become entrepreneurs, it’s important for us to honor the Feminine Essence within us so that we may balance the energy of the hustle that our inner Masculine carries.

Continuing on our journey, we are consciously choosing to re-member who we really are through our actions and beliefs. We can heal ourselves from the conditions we’ve once believed to be true, knowing that our only truth is that we are part of this greater plan and that life is happening for us. Everything that has led to this very moment has been perfect. We are never alone. We are always being watched over + protected by our angels. We are enough exactly as we are. In order for us to thrive, we must allow ourselves to honor our needs above all else so that we may be clear channels and vessels for the Divine to work through us. As we become more conscious and more aware as women, we are also rebuilding our relationship with the Moon and our cycles. Reclaiming our sovereignty over our bodies and honor all of whom we are, we allow ourselves to connect to the innate wisdom within us, permeating our light with ease and grace. This is what Mary Magdalene did as Jesus’ Shaman when she found him in the tomb. As too did Queen Isis with Osirius to birth Horus.


As we continue through on our journey, we know that prayer can help us and support us, but again, we have to ask for the help we need. Spirit won’t intervene unless we ask because we have free will. Reclaiming our sovereignty and choosing to live a life where we feel supported, we are able to go ahead and connect to our Divinity within our own heart. Luckily we have tools, people, teachings and books like The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra to help us connect to the Divine Feminine Essence that is emerging and ready to thrive. There’s a team of sisters here to support us both in the physical and multidimensional realm. We are never alone. We are always supported. We are always Divinely Guided. Honor the Journey. Trust the Process. Be gentle. Be kind. Be compassionate. Live in a space of Unconditional Love. The Power of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day is paving the road for the reality we are co-creating as Lightcasters and expressions of the Divine. The energy and frequency of unconditional love + compassion are here, ready to heal humanity and the planet. It’s up to us to align to this powerful force of light so that we may come together with our guides to thrive in the Aquarian Age.


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About Faye Wylder

Faye Wylder embraces her humanness as a LIGHTCASTER, a Spiritual Mentor, Mama, and Dancer. As a mentor for EnterpRising Feminine Leaders, Faye is passionate to help women activate their sovereignty, and amplify their light, as she naturally increases her spiritual and material affluence. She works closely with the over lighting mentorship of Mary Magdalene, streaming her mystery, message, and Unconditional Love into modern entrepreneurship and living.

Serving as a spiritual mentor for over 15 years, Faye has walked to the edge of possibility with countless women, singing songs of sovereignty as they leap into the Holy Light of their Heart, channeling pragmatic and miraculous paradigms through their business, spiritual activism, community service, and daily self-love practice. Weaving embodied divinity with practical, aligned tools, Faye is here to help empower women to upgrade their nervous systems, because let’s face it…. making stuff can be scary! She is here to help others really, truly, vibrantly, courageously shine the Light they came to shine, by creating and anchoring new paradigms of Love for humanity through their thriving enterprise.


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