015 | Making your Mess your Message

So yes, I’ve been a hot mess, almost on the verge of a mental breakdown. Up until my recent vacation celebrating love and bringing in 28, I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted. I found myself caught up in goddesspreneur burnout and man, is it ugly. Truth be told, I needed a break, needed to have some fun, and needed to connect with nature and wow, was that the best medicine.

So now, I want to talk to you about the Spiritual Journey… oh the Spiritual Journey. It’s a wild ride. What they don’t tell you about the Spiritual Journey is that shit can get messy… believe me, I know first hand. Been there. Done that.

My story was FAAAAR from being all unicorns and rainbows. My shadows have become the breeding ground for the Sabrina I am today. While the road hasn’t been easy, in the end, I can honestly say, it’s been worth it! The years of unconscious drug abuse, mental illness, playing small, living through my ego, and believing that I was unworthy allowed me to love myself far greater than I ever have before. And guess what, I’m finally at the point in my life where I can really honor where I’ve been and WOW does it feel liberating!

When you make the agreement to embark on this journey, you are signing a contract with your soul to heal the wounds of your past, even those places you’ve been doing your best to ignore.

You know…

Those moments when you didn’t take responsibility for your actions.
Those moments when you viciously hurt someone because you were hurting.
Those moments when you numbed yourself to “ease” the pain.

Yeah. All that shit’s gonna come up to bite you in the ass someday.

And it’s usually when you least expect it.


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↠ Getting honest when it comes to embracing the shadow

↠ how to reclaim your power by owning your story

↠ embracing all facets of the human experience

↠ How where you’ve been is leading you to where you’re going

↠ my story on how disowning my shadows was actually detrimental rather than helpful




What I know for sure, you have the strength to get through it all.

Those moments are the ones where we created a hot mess because WE were a hot mess.
Those moments are the ones that offer us the opportunity to grow, heal, and evolve.
Those moments offer us the chance to gain empathy and to help someone else who may be going through it.


That’s why it’s so important to share your mess + allow it to be your message. Your mind may tell you otherwise, but you are a soul… duh and you have the strength deep within to transcend any limiting belief. Don’t believe me, allow me to help you recognize your magnificence. This is the work that lights me up most.

We are living in a world where lightworkers are showing up doing their best to radiate truth, light and love, yet many of them are afraid to admit their demons and shine light to their shadows, all because they are ashamed + think they may be discredited as a beacon of light if they admit the truth.

I call bullshit.

We are in a time where we neeeeeed authentic and vulnerable leaders. People who can see you and be like, “wow. I can get through this because {{ subscriber.first_name }} got through it.” I mean, come on! Doesn’t that feel waaay better knowing that your vulnerability and your authentic truth helped even just one person?


In this week’s episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talk about just this. Making your Mess your Message is CRUCIAL in a time where we are more transparent than ever before.


THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR MEDICINE and your medicine is your story on how you became VICTORIOUS, not being a victim.


Sovereignty means you live your life by YOUR RULES, meaning you are going out there and unapologetically being YOU. GOD DOES THAT FEEL GOOD!!!

Admitting your shadows and your mess is you telling the universe you’re ready for a clean slate and to come out of this rebirth stronger than ever before.

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