Mastering Your Greater Mission with Quddus Philippe »

Mastering Your Greater Mission with Quddus Philippe

Transforming our perfectionism into passion is the ultimate experience to unleash our medicine and to take our message to the next level. As we answer the call to what’s happening in the world, we have the ability to use our voice and platforms to implement real change. Speaking up on issues around social justice, what it means to lead with integrity, and helping transform the world through compassion and genuine leadership, we are able to activate a legacy for the generations to come. Former MTV VJ and Creator behind The Media Mastery Method™, Quddus is on mission to help today’s leaders to show up with the conviction and confidence to show up and serve with integrity.

And while the world outside us looks insane, it’s critically important to honor you, your connection to God, and to continually honor your sacred why and space. Leading with integrity is about not only honoring your Truth, but also be able to listen, to embrace your humanness, and to nourish yourself and your needs. Now, more than ever, are we being asked to rise and be of service feeling good, whole, healthy, and in alignment with our greater mission and vision.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆  Collective humbleness and the invitation to answer the call through art and activism

◆  Transmuting perfectionism to embrace your humanness and passions with integrity

◆  Overcoming imposter syndrome and going beyond vanity metrics in the world of social media

◆  Embracing the Media Mastery Method

◆  Honoring new outlets to share your story and medicine

◆  Transforming your perspective to answer the call and rise up

◆  The importance of self nourishment and discernment as you honor the evolution of your Truth

◆  Navigating through the rise of collective backlash and conflict

◆  Reintroduction of God in the Spiritual Community

◆  Healing the collective through compassionate leadership

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