9 Conscious Habits of Soulful Entrepreneurs

With the rise of spiritual and conscious creators coming out of the spiritual closet and into the world, we are experiencing an evolution in entrepreneurship. While the world has been going through a massive purge and awakening since 2012, this Aquarian Age has new rules for the game…. There are no rules. The biggest truth is that the days of hustle and burnout have been replaced with alignment and flow. We are seeing how intuition and intention are paving a new path and setting precedent for abundance and success to be the norm.

The Age of Aquarius is a time of revolutionary change for humanity. The old systems no longer work. What’s required of us now goes on a deep spiritual, emotional, and energetic level. We crave individuality, vulnerability, realness, and authenticity in an Instagram world. People’s bullshit meters are at an all-time high and most of all, there is a mutual understanding about the importance of self-care, saying no, and honoring boundaries.

As a collective, we are seeing that life is too short to not live it up to the fullest, so we’re going to make the most of it while we’re here. It’s apparent that each of us came here to bring something unique to the table, to make the best even better, and to share our medicine and gifts with the world. Because of this, people are rising up and taking action to cultivate the business and life that offers true liberation and freedom.

While the world of online businesses has barely scratched the surface, we are all learning and understanding what it takes to not just unleash your medicine, but more importantly, honoring yourself, your health and wellbeing. Remember, based on the history of humanity, technology is the new guy in town. We’re still understanding its quirks and our personal relationship with it and how it influences our lives.

Though it’s not going anywhere, we must remember that the power of humanity is and will always be stronger than technology. Our species is here to connect with one another, offer compassion, and instill heart and soul on this planet. Technology may connect us, but it can never replace the blessing of humanity.  We are able to heal collectively and share peace on a global level. The instant gratification and results technology gifts is something we must honor with reverence and respect. Truth is, life is a journey and the journey you’ve endured, you have the opportunity to share with the world how you overcame the challenges, how you mastered your reality, and how your passion and love.

As our sensitivity increases from doing the work to connect to your authentic radness, it’s important to do you. Fill up your cup. Make your own rules. Honor what works, what doesn’t, what feels expansive and activating, and infuse more of that into your life. You have the power to set yourself up for success. All it takes is you honoring your unique rhythm and flow by setting up the structures, honoring your schedule, and your energetic peaks and valleys. Below are some of my favorite practical and mystical tools to keep me sane as I go forth and unleash my medicine with the world.

1. Honor your unique rhythm and flow

Look. Not all of us are early birds. I know for me, I find the most creativity at night when the energy is calm. Navigating through the day is when I setup the tasks at hand, fill my cup, and keep work responsibilities intentional. Like I share in my go at your own flow course The Mystic Planner, working with the daily planetary influence gives an extra boost of energy and support. For example, Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Because I am Mercury, these are the days I communicate with my highest self and nature as a hump-day check in. It’s about seeing what works for you and honoring your unique flow of inspired action.

2. Activate your Kundalini everyday

Your Kundalini is your life-force. Stored at the base of the spine, your Kundalini Energy allows you to awaken your fullest potential. A simple 3-11 minute meditation every day can do wonders for you, your creativity, your expansion, and radiance.

You have the opportunity to live fully. Give yourself Kundalini Breaks throughout the day to go within and transcend those energetic blocks so that you can live from your heart and share your medicine with the world.

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3. Make sure you’re taking time for you

Self-care is critical, especially if you are in the world of spirituality, service, and healing. Constantly navigating through the wooosh of energies, it’s important to fill your cup and take care of yourself. We can’t afford a half-assed version of ourselves right now.

Now’s the time for each of us to maximize our human potential by honoring our bodies, our values, and, of course, our vision and mission to uplevel the planet and humanity at large. YOU DO YOU BOO and do it unapologetically.

4. Keep your Space Organized

There’s no accident why Marie Kondo blew up. I’m all about #KONDOTHATSHIT. Keep your sacred spaces organized and intentional. It’s important to honor your sacred temple because environment is everything. Take some time every day to tidy up and energetically clear your sacred spaces. Remember, everything has a home.

5. Organize your passwords, subscriptions, and payment dates

Maybe it’s my Virgo moon, but now that you’ve understood the importance of honoring your sacred spaces, best believe a great way to keep sane is to organize your passwords, subscriptions, and the payment dates in a nice spreadsheet.

Knowing what money is going out, for what, and when, is a level of reverence for your money and abundance to be in a space of gratitude. Inside my program Slay Your Systems, not only are you going to not only heal your relationship with money, but also cultivate a healthy relationship. Inside chapter two, you’ll also snag the very organizational Money Honey spreadsheets I use to slay smarter.

6. Cultivate a Beautiful Relationship with Money

Rather than waiting until the end of the quarter, make it a habit and pencil it in your schedule to organize your finances at least once a month, bonus points for once a week! This will help make it a lot easier when it comes to tax season.

What I suggest is cultivate a money date! Cultivate Ambiance Patrol and set the vibe! Put on some yummy essential oils, light a candle, take it to the next level and put on some makeup and lingerie and plan a date with your money! Money allows you to unleash your medicine, give back to the companies and people you care about most, and it has the ability to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

7. When the going gets tough, remember why you started.

That Sacred Why is your saving grace when you feel like you want to quit. My love, the pressure, and the shitty moments are like finding the goldmine. This is where you’ll find the growth and the expansion you’ve been calling in. Do yourself a favor and be patient with not just yourself, but also the process.

Understand that what you’re going through, there’s a Divine Plan to it. Remember to honor your vision as your why is achieved. Feel into it and use that medicine and juju to follow through and show the world just what you’re made of.

8. Always honor your work-life balance

Life is not just about work, work, work, work, work, it’s also about enjoying yourself, honoring your needs and desires, and PLAY. We can get so caught up in the grind. When we do, understand that self-care in the form of living life is always essential. You are here to be in a rhythm and flow that feels aligned and good. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself along the way. Know when to shut down the computer. Remember to schedule your massage and of course, time with nature. When you step away, you’ll discover that you had the answers all along. See playtime as food for the soul.


After taking a 40-day social media sabbatical in December, I can tell you how much time you’ll find yourself having. We must be careful in today’s world that we don’t get caught up in the Instagram Fantasy. There’s so much more to life out there than that! Comparison Paralysis is a really thing yo! Make sure you’re honoring you, remembering the simple things in life, and take some time to be present. Weekends are also a great time to disconnect.

Wanna hear what I learned from my Social Media Sabbaticals in the past? Check out the 5 Truths I Discovered From My 40-Day Social Media Sabbatical over on the Sovereign Society Podcast

Above all, remember, you are activating this business of yours because you’re choosing to take your life in the direction of your dreams and desires. You’re out there answering the call, honing in on your gifts and talents, and honoring what lights you up! Putting these pieces together, you have the ability to move the masses with your medicine.

So now, the question is… are you ready to work smarter, not harder?

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