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5 Kundalini Mantras to Strengthen your Root Chakra

The Root Chakra helps relates to security and safety. Translated in Sanskrit as Muladara, this chakra develops around ages 0-7 years. Associated with the Earth, the name of this chakra coincides with its literal purpose as it brings us to our foundation and back to basics. Here, we find our habits and our self-acceptance. We consistently hear talk in the modern spiritual world to “raise the vibration. raise the vibration!” Raising the vibration is great, but if we aren’t grounded, there is no way we can withstand the storm that may be coming through. As part of the lower triangle we see in the seven chakras, we must allow ourselves to be grounded in our physical body before we even tackle our spiritual body. In my own journey, I discovered trauma that needed to be resolved from my early childhood. When I was at my rock bottom, I had no idea nor relationship with my foundation to any facet of my life. More than anything, I was praying for a miracle. I wanted to have a spiritual relationship with my soul. I lost track of that after years of struggling with prolonged depression. I walked around numb. It was time for me to root myself in my truth and to be able to stand strong with conviction.

The Power of the Root Chakra

The power of the Root Chakra grounds us into our being. As we go forth in the world, we must find ourselves grounded during all the shifts and changes we face. This is our space where we find ourselves connected to all that surrounds us. When we find ourselves with a solid and strong foundation, we are able to confidently move forward towards the direction of our dreams. We are here to find stability and safety in our being so that we can show the world just what we’re made of. The root represents the masculine energy’s exit point, whereas the throat represents the feminine aspect. As you embark, you must be willing to feel whatever is coming up. Those who come from an abusive past do everything in their power to run away from facing the truth. I’m here to tell you, the only way you will heal fully is if you dive in fully. Not being fully committed to the process may lead to you dealing with this issue down the line. You have the strength to go through it once and for all. As you heal your wounds, you help heal the world you see around you.

THIS is how we make the world a better place.

You allowing yourself to be vulnerable during this time gives permission for others to not only go in and heal, but it also reminds others that they aren’t alone in this journey. We are all in this together. Working with these mantras will help you thrive and conquer as you go out into the world to be of service as the best version of you. Everything you want is within you. Allow the power of the mantra to guide you as you go forth from this moment on.

MUL MANTRA | Mantra of the Spiritual Foundation

Complete Mantra :: Ek ong kaar, sat naam, karataa purakh, nirbho, nirvair Akaal moorat, ajoonee, saibhang, gur prasaad. Jap! Aad such, jugaad such, Hai bhee such, Naanak hosee bhee such. Translation :: One Creator. Truth is His name. Doer of everything. Fearless, Revengeless, Undying, Unborn, Self illumined, The Guru’s gift, Meditate! True in the beginning. True through all the ages. True even now. Oh Nanak it is forever true. About this Mantra :: This is where the Spiritual Foundation is built. Yogi Bhajan says on chanting the Mul Mantra, “The Mul Mantra is a fate killer. It removes the fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity.” Osho translates the Mul Mantra as such, “He is one, He is Ongkar, the supreme truth. He is the creator, beyond fear, beyond rancor. He is the timeless form, never born, self- creating. He is attained by the guru’s grace. He was truth before the ages and as time ran its course. Nanak says now is he truth eternal and forever will he be.”

ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO | Mantra for the Highest Self < ADI MANTRA >

Complete Mantra :: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Translation :: Ong Namo – I bow to the subtle divine wisdom Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within. About this Mantra :: Yogi Bhajan taught this ancient yogic mantra as a tool to relate instantly to the divine teacher within. Adi means primal or first.  In Kundalini yoga, this is the first mantra that should be used for any yogic or meditative practice.   It is used to tune in before Kundalini Yoga classes, to center us in the higher self, and to spiritually guide both the teacher and the students during the class.
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AAD GURAY NAMAY | Mantra of Protection

Complete Mantra :: Aad Gureh Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guroo Dayvay Nameh Translation :: I bow to the primal Guru I bow to the truth that has existed throughout the ages I bow to True Wisdom I bow to the Great Divine Wisdom About this Mantra :: This is a mantra of protection and is recited to invoke the protective energy of the universe.  Yogi Bhajan taught that this mantra should always be chanted 3 times in a row.  Aad Guray Nameh is chanted after tuning in to a class with the Adi Mantra. Many people chant this mantra when they need extra protection.  It is part of the “triple mantra”, and is often spoken before driving a car to create protective energy around the those in the car. “When you cannot be protected, this mantra shall protect you. When things stop, and won’t move, this makes them move in your direction.” – Yogi Bhajan

AAP SAHAEE HOA | Mantra to Eliminate Enemies

Complete Mantra :: Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa, Har, Har, Har About this Mantra :: You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite. About this Mantra :: According to Yogi Bhajan this mantra “…will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever, it can give you mental self-control…” Yogi Bhajan also said that if chanted for 62 minutes, the best time being between three and four AM, it can relieve unbearable financial pressure. This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance.

DHARTI HAI | Mantra to Connect With the Earth

Complete Mantra :: Dharti Hai Akash Hai Guru Ram Das Hai Translation :: Dharti Hai – The Earth is. Akash Hai – The Ethers are. Guru Ram Das Hai – Guru Ram Das is. About this Mantra :: This mantra connects the Earth and the vastness of the ether and projects it from the heart. It is done with visualization. This mantra makes you present, calls on your highest spirit, keeps you humble and effective on your new ventures and attracts opportunities for prosperity. * MANTRAS SOURCED BY SPIRIT VOYAGE’S MANTRAPEDIA

Let the Music Speak

 If you know me, you know how much I love music. It’s a huge factor in my overall wellbeing. Check out a playlist I’ve compiled for you featuring some of my favorite renditions of the mantras listed above over on Spotify for the Root Chakra.


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