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144 | Music is Medicine | Sanjay

As sound healing, plant medicine and other spiritual modalities become more mainstream, many pieces of the original rituals created by cultures long ago, go by the wayside. So how can we integrate these spiritual practices into our lives without white washing them and stripping away their sacredness? In this episode, my friend Sanjay shares his experiences of growing up in a mostly white community as the son of Indian migrants, how plant medicine (with intention) transformed him, stepping into his purpose as a musical artist and producer, and more.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Ways to preserve the culture of indigenous people

◆ Staying in integrity with yourself

◆ Community and collaboration that’s been brought in with the age of Aquarius

◆ The collective mental health status that’s stemmed from 2020

◆ Plant medicine and ceremonial rituals

◆ Ways to trade cultural appropriation for cultural awareness

◆ Integration and honoring the land 

◆ Setting intention and clarity in what you want out of an experience

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SANJAY’s musical journey began as a quest for freedom, and his vision is to propel people into discovering their own sense of liberation. He enters the music scene with his debut EP, Initiation, an album blending tribal rhythms, transcendent vocals, electronic production, and soul, influenced by hip hop’s golden era.

Born to Indian migrants, SANJAY’s dedication to music was nourished through producing, engineering, and playing in bands, while also taking spiritual detours. Learning from different indigenous cultures, Sanjay began to notice the common thread of joy and celebration between them ~ understanding that his purpose is to bring this into his music.

Initiation is SANJAY’s first solo work, guiding others through their own personal explorations, fears, and resurrection. Having refined his “live electronic” sound, it is SANJAY’s privilege to present a debut that is true to his core ethos: Music is Medicine.


WEBSITE | https://sanjay.art/

INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/sanjay__

LINKS | https://solo.to/sanjay

Music is Medicine | Sanjay


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