Struggling with Comparison Paralysis? How to Find Your True Self

If you’re someone who’s been caught up in the comparison paralysis of what other people are doing and you’re upset that you’re not exactly there yet, it’s important to remember that each of us has our unique journey in life.

And while we embark on the journey of self-discovery, it’s important to understand the importance of the detours and to not beat yourself up for taking “longer” than you expected. The truth is that in those detours that arise on the journey where you temporarily become someone you’re genuinely not, you not only learn more about yourself, but during that time, you’ll find yourself befriending your younger self, overcoming traumas, pain, projections of others, and misaligned ways of being to eventually find yourself embodying your Truth… you in your sovereign embodiment.

So, while it may take you a little longer than expected, just know that all is unfolding according to Divine Plan because when you find that you’re finally living your authentic truth, you’ll see how it’s the new norm in your life without you even trying. You get to be a living testimony of someone who’s been able to overcome their demons, their challenges, their limitations, and the playing smallness they found themselves being temporarily into someone who’s empowered, empathetic, compassionate, confident, loving, and simply unapologetically who they are where no one or nothing outside of them can steer them off course from living out their Divine Mission and purpose of who they are.

See this as your permission slip to stay in your own lane, to be more gentle with yourself, to trust in God’s plan, to reclaim your power, and to get to know the real you. Allow yourself to start embodying the blessed up version of you who’s actualized your desires and is living a life of abundance, love, joy, alignment, and Truth because that, my friend, is why Alignment is the True Hustle.® THAT is the real work behind the awakening journey your soul is navigating through. The question is, are you ready to take that leap of faith into the unknown, or should I say, the leap of faith into the Divine Guidance that you’re being shown outside of your comfort zone to genuinely become who you are?

If you need support, check out my life-changing program THRIVE to help you reclaim your power and align to your True Sovereign Embodiment.

How to Overcome Comparison Paralysis in Discovering your True Self

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