Understanding the Israel / Palestine War on Consciousness

Being an empath who’s sensitive to the world and who just had a severe seizure on October 1st that tried to take me out, I’ve been severely affected on a deep, energetic level by what’s happening during this significant global event in the Middle East where innocent lives on both sides are affected and suffering.

As an educated woman whose passion for social justice and activism first began after I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC when I was 13, I was on my way to minoring in Holocaust studies and have always dreamed about obtaining a Master’s in Theology since I was a teenager.

What’s made me more interested in what’s unfolding is understanding the astrology of what’s unfolding so that I can understand on an energetic level the current energies at play and get to the root of it so that I stand in my Sovereign Embodiment without allowing the 3D circumstances to take me out of my power.


With my natal Mars currently squaring the Mars/ South Node conjunction, it’s evident that what’s unfolding is something I’m extremely passionate about. Rather than feeling like a victim of the dark times we’re navigating through, I wanted to bring awareness to what’s unfolding on an energetic and spiritual level and educate you about the Astrological energies we’re currently navigating through.

We are currently on the Libra / Aries or Peace / War Cardinal axis for the upcoming Super Rare New Moon Solar Eclipse, the last Solar Eclipse of 2023, happening this week on 10/14. While the last Libra Solar Eclipse happened 20 years ago, this auspicious event is bound to be revolutionary in overall consciousness, leadership, and love.

Cardinal signs are the self-initiated, Sovereign Leaders who show great potential and are ambitious enough to see an opportunity and take action. As the trailblazer, Cardinal Medicine pushes us forward, urging the best of us. Tackling obstacles directly, good at crisis management, yet challenging following through as the adventure begins. It is a powerful time to pave the path ahead and start a new project. While ambitious, it’s important to consider the intention and to become aware that impulsiveness and being hasty can be an issue.

And when we dive deeper and see how history repeats itself until the lesson has been learned, the last time Mars and the South Node were conjunct was 9/11.

With Mars squaring Pluto, we can recognize that what’s being revealed is an invitation for us to finally transcend the duality of the 3D mind of what we’re seeing in the physical of “needing to choose sides” and instead, inviting us to be willing to anchor the 5D unity consciousness understanding that both sides are suffering, so how can we as hue-manity bring peace around what’s unfolding.


Passionate about the resilience of the Jewish people during the Holocaust stems from childhood, I’m currently reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, after being recommended by my therapist as inspiration to help me overcome my health challenges when I found myself wanting to quit last week, the greater lesson here is that we must focus our vision on what we desire that’s found on the other side of our current circumstances.

While we’re all familiar of the genocide that happened to the Jewish people during WWII, the greatest thing that helped survivors get through the hell they were facing was keeping their eyes on the prize, and as Frankl shares in his book, that “life holds a potential for meaning under any conditions, even the most miserable ones” and to focus on what he’s coined as Logotherapy, which focuses on the “meanings to be fulfilled in one’s future” while “defocusing all the vicious-circle formations and feedback mechanisms which play such a great role in the development of neuroses.”


As someone who’s written a book and has a whole online program around healing childhood trauma and generational karma, I’ve been educating myself more about horrific events the Palestinian people have been navigating through for centuries. Why? Because the media has been causing division and hiding the truth about the horrific battles the Palestinians have been navigating through for generations.

Essentially, I found myself asking What Would Jesus Do? A Palestinian Jew, He shares that we should treat others how we want to be treated because we are all God’s children. I wanted to practice more compassion and understand the root of the conflict that’s been going on in the Middle East for far too long.

While it’s been about Government Power, religious conflict, and overall separation, it’s time for us to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH on this war of consciousness that’s happening on the Holy Land. It’s time to be the light as we close out these Dark Ages and anchor the Golden Age of LIGHT and LOVE once and for all.


While we all know the expression that “it’s always darkest before the dawn,” what we are currently witnessing happening in the Holy Land is a prime example of this Truth. As we continue anchoring in the Golden Age of 5D Christ consciousness, we must recognize that this war on the Holy Land is the birthplace of Christ Consciousness. And for us to anchor Christ Consciousness as our new norm, we must come face to face with everything that has held us back from experiencing Christ Consciousness as our way of being. Because here’s the unfortunate Truth. When you’re not in your power, it’s easier for you to be manipulated and controlled by someone or something outside you.

This is why Sovereign Embodiment is nonnegotiable in the Golden Age.

So, rather than feeding the duality and division, a narrative going on for generations, be revolutionary and focus on the solution through unity. THIS is what the Aquarian Age / Golden Age is all about. The generations before you may try to convince you that it can’t be done, but are you going to allow their fears and projections to steer you off course from the vision of your heart to experience peace, freedom, justice, and love, overall HEAVEN ON EARTH as your reality?


It’s in our hands to raise the frequency of the planet right now, and with this Aries/Libra eclipse happening, this is our time to shine. It’s time for us to stop feeding the division and to recognize that the other person is you. It’s time to anchor peace and love once and for all.

To do so means to stop allowing the manipulation, brainwashing, and mind control of others or forces outside of you to have power over you and for you to choose to be in your Sovereign Embodiment once and for all.


It’s time for us to stop feeding the story of Good vs Evil and to instead focus on Unity and coming together as humanity to care and look out for one another. And yes, while this may be some foreign experience, it’s up to us to take the initiative and the overall leap of faith to be courageous and be the change we wish to see in the world.

The question is, are you ready to get out of your own way and allow Love, God, the Divine Creator, to use you and take the lead?

Sovereign Leadership

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