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Growing up in Palm Springs, I was always connected to the teachings of the Native Americans. Much of my town is settled on Native Land. As a child, I was blessed to attend the best private school in town, I went to Catholic school with all the Native children. As a desert girl, we learned about gemstones and desert wildlife and had frequent field trips to the Native Reservations and Sacred Lands. We connected with the elders and learned about their culture and understood their love and commitment to honor Mother Gaia.

I attended high school as a Palm Springs Indian. With chants of “INDIAN PRIDE CAN’T BE BEAT” ingrained in my psyche, I felt the connection and the passion of the local Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. This culture and their teachings helped shape me into the humanitarian, activist, and soul I am today.



Fast forward to when I had my first enthogenic ceremony. While working with the medicine of LSD, my first experience was challenging and difficult. At the time, I was unaware of my empathic gifts, The setting was not the most supportive nor comforting for the sick girl in me. I was about to embark on a deep healing journey. I had no idea what was in store. While difficult, there was something from that experience that will forever live with me.

I was walking around barefoot, grounded and connected to Gaia. I could feel her pain. The day before it rained, She was crying as people threw trash around like it was no big deal. There was a lack of respect and awareness present. The grounds would be cleaned overnight, so no big deal – that was the mindset of many. People felt that they didn’t need to be responsible for their own trash. This place was my home and I was so disgusted and heartbroken by the lack of awareness and compassion people had for their surroundings.

Mother Gaia showed me that NOW is the time for us to take action to help honor and restore her.

Since that experience four years ago, I’ve evolved into a Spiritual Activist and have built an even stronger connection and relationship with Mother Gaia. Being deeply in tuned with my surroundings, I hear her whisper and send her love with every step I take. I honor her for her blessings and live in a state of gratitude for her abundance. I care for our crops. I honor her offerings. I do my best to keep her clean. I respect her. I love her.

“‘This is the way I’ve heard the legend, passed down through the ages.’ A time will come when the earth and all of life will need our help. At this time a tribe will gather from all cultures of the world. They will be recognized by their spirit connection & life giving actions toward the finned, the winged, the creeping crawling, the standing green growing, the four legged, two legged nations and all that is. They will awaken humankind to find a star inside themselves. This star will guide them to overcome the mountains of ignorance, prejudice hatred and fear through compassion harmony and honor. They will find a new song a new dream. The beautiful bow that hangs in the sky after a storm is a monument to these ones.

I believe we are living in this time now. All of us with this vision are the tribe, we are the rainbow warriors, we will heal the world. We are the cherished dream and vision of the ancient ones of long ago.”

— Silversong Cree / Blackfoot

Water is Life

Living in a desert, I have such a deep respect for water. Living in an environment where I’ve witnessed first hand the importance of water to survive, I live by the truth, Water is Life. While the California drought has dissipated our water, plants have died and mountains have burned, I’ve also witnessed wildflowers thrive, plants come back to life, animals roaming. I’ve witnessed massive corporations come in and take over my town + our Natural Spring Water to sell across the country all for profit. While we ration the water we have, places that have an abundance of water are fighting for the basic human right of clean water. We are living in 2016 and people have toxic and contaminated water coming through their pipes because of fracking. We’ve witnessed in places like Flint, Michigan dealing with a catastrophic and horrific basic human rights issues. This once thriving community is now filled with sick children. Cancer rates are raising. Pipes are rotting. People are poisoned. Clearly, there is something wrong with this picture.




As we dive to the root of the issue we see the culprit being these massive corporations and banks destroying our natural resources all for profit.

There is a lack of compassion + empathy for their brothers and sisters that share this land with them.

There is a lack of awareness and understanding as to what it is really going on at the root of the issue.

There is a lack of consideration to leave a healthy planet for the generations to come.

Their drive and interests only concern their pocket books. While we have the resources for alternative fuels, our addiction to fossil fuels is affecting our natural resources and our land. They are addicted to the old paradigm and are having a difficult time witnessing what is unfolding this into the present moment, afraid of change and the unknown. This is exactly what we are seeing happening in North Dakota and South Dakota with the Dakota Access Pipe Line.


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This is an important issue for our planet. Something mainstream media woulndn’t dare cover. Something our President is ignoring. Something the two-party candidates are brushing to the side. The state of climate change and the health of our natural resources NEEDS to be our top priority, not just as a nation, but as a PLANET. We are here to live on the land of the free.

Thom Hartmann talked about the Lakota Tribe’s standoff over the oil pipeline, and the tribe’s prophecy about the Black Snake could end the world. We must remember that the past and the future are in this moment. We have the power to heal the wounds of the past. This is our opportunity to reflect back and see what’s really going on. These Native American people were part of the greatest genocide on America’s soil. Their pain has lingered on for generations. These protectors of the land are deeply connected to their ancestors. These ancestors are connected to the generations who are waiting for their opportunity to experience the human experience. These ancestors are one with Spirit, just as our Planet is connected and is one with Spirit. Remember, WE ARE LIVING ON THEIR LAND. They know their roots better than anyone else. They know they are safe because they have a healthy relationship with their land. They know that they are protected and safe as they stand up for what is right. They know that love is the greatest power in the universe. They are out on the front lines standing up for the greatest good. They recognize the obvious. No water, no life.

“When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.”

— Hopi Prophecy



This is what the emergence of the Rainbow Tribe is all about. These colors represent the colors of the Chakras. As we go forth and find that health within ourselves and allow ourselves to heal our own rainbow light, we will be able to witness a healed planet. The inner creates the outer. Enough of blaming others. We need to become responsible for our lives and reclaim our sovereignty. When you vibrate higher, your vibe attracts your tribe. I know my tribe is one of compassion, love, unity, community, and sovereignty. We are here to pave the road for those who are trapped in lower frequencies of awareness. Everyone is doing the best they can based on their level of awareness. Many are trapped by mental slavery. When people are caught up in the mundane and live with their eye closed, we must come from a space of compassion. There is a massive awakening happening on the planet. The light is winning. Gaia has been crying. Greed is doing its best to destroy her and disrespect her, but Mother Gaia is the feminine spirit. She is our mother, our foundation, our home. As we learn to come from a space of receptivity and grace, we recognize that we have the opportunity to recalibrate the energy of the planet by balancing our own energies.

Up until now, the Masculine energy has been searching for deep spiritual connection. The Feminine was once ignored and trampled. She was overlooked for 2000 years. We must remember that in order for us to survive, we must hold space for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and their sacred reunion. Heaven on Earth is a state of mind. The majority of our collective is sick. We’ve been poisoned for years and many of us are completely oblivious to it. This lack of awareness has brought us to this very moment. We have the chance to turn it around. This is our opportunity to live with faith. When we consciously choose to live with the intention to make today better than yesterday, we pave the road for success. We are here to grow and learn. We are experiencing this so that our children will be able to look at this very moment in time with greater awareness. Our children are about to witness the power of love and community.

We are leading as real models, living with authenticity and truth.


There is a way through every block.

Many of these people who want the construction of the pipeline to happen lack the very foundation of their own physical bodies. Their Kundalini Energy is blocked in the root and sacral chakras. It is waiting to rise and transcend any limitations. Most of them have had childhoods where they were not genuinely loved. They are acting out in this horrific manner because THIS is what they believe will leave them feeling safe. They believe their pocketbooks are the root of all safety. They’ve forgotten they are love. They have a deep sense of grief, shame, and doubt running through them. They hold on to a deep pain that is calling to be transmuted and released because it is comfortable for them.

Their futures are cloudy because they lack clarity as to how they can best serve. They have been disillusioned as to how they can best uplift humanity to serve the highest benevolence. Many are completely disassociate with Spirit and their Intuition. Most likely, they’ve been contaminated by excess amounts of fluoride and GMOs, the two very chemicals that are destroying Gaia and our own bodies. We must take responsibility for our lives and what it is we ingest. We need to slow down and smell the roses. We need to go back to our breath and connect to our life force.

We are witnessing a shaking before the awakening



Painting by Fanny Aishaa entitled “Wisp of Hope.”

This is our time to come together as a great tribe of awakened brothers and sisters. This is our opportunity to bless anything we witness, anyone we cross, any thought that arises. You can choose to think from a higher more supportive perspective. Always remember, this is a friendly universe. While this is a terrible thing happening to Gaia and to the Native American people, it’s also quite beautiful. These tribes are coming together in solidarity. People of all races and backgrounds from around the world are unifying with the same intention to protect the land. As we the people come together, Native American tribes are gaining the respect that’s been lacking in American history.

Love never fails. Love your Mother. Love your Gaia. Love one another. Stop seeing these corporate pigs as the enemy. See them as parts of you that are calling for your love. Connect to their inner child and come from a space of empathy. These children of God are crying out for love. They are still our brothers and sisters. “Hate doesn’t drive out hate, only love can do that.” MLK was on to something when he said this powerful truth. This is your chance to find love in every moment. Open up your spiritual eye and create a world that is filled with peace and justice for all. Recognize that fear is the mere absence of love. Recognize that darkness is the mere absence of light. You are here to light up the way with your grace and compassion. Your love is needed for all of us to survive.

The Greatest Master of Love, Jesus, once said, “Forgive them, Father, for they don’t know what they do.” Choose the light as your guide. We will get through this, and peace will overcome. White Buffalo Calf Woman is with us. She is on our side. We will get through this and love will win. We must keep the faith and do our part to honor ourselves, our minds, our bodies. Be kind to one another. That energy is contagious. It affects everyone you meet. We are all in this together and we will prevail. We stand here as Spiritual Activists, supporting the sacred as we live our Truths with conviction and grace. This is a call for you to live with authenticity. We are witnessing history. We will be able to one day look back and talk to our grandchildren about the time love saved the world. It’s happening. I know you feel it. We are on the right side of herstory as awakened beings. Continue to rise and witness the miracle unfold. Reclaim your freedom. Stand up for what’s right. Live your truth with conviction.


What steps are you going to take to support Standing Rock? How can you see this as an opportunity to anchor in love? I’d love to get the conversation going about this important topic. What are your thoughts as to what’s happening?


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