you are the guru you’ve been waiting for

I’ve been doing some deep thinking and contemplation since watching the Tony Robbins documentary I am not your Guru on Netflix. Up until now, we’ve grown up in a society believing that something or someone outside of us is the one that is going to “fix” us. We travel to distant places, visit healers, participate in ceremonies just so we can be released from the prison we perceive. No doubt, there is a deep yearning right now. While people love to say that spirituality is a “trend,” there is a reason why the spiritual movement has been rapidly growing.

People want freedom. People want to heal. People want to connect with their divinity. People. Want. Answers.

 What people forget is that these “gurus” and teachers they are seeking are mere reflections of them. It’s not as though they know something we don’t, we just haven’t tapped into our inner wisdom yet. I’ve heard time and time again my friends introducing me to people they know saying, “This is Sabrina. She’s a shaman.” I gracefully acknowledge them with a bow, honoring the divine being that stands before me. I can’t help but humbly chuckle on the inside and not allow this powerful statement to get in my head. I am far beyond the indigenous healers that come before me- they have every right to be called a shaman. Shamans and gurus go hand-in-hand. I see myself more as a healing arts practitioner, a shamanic practitioner.

I’m my greatest guru and you are your greatest guru.

Nobody knows me quite like I know me. I am my greatest teacher. I am my own healer. I am the one that is doing my work as I embark on my journey. I am the one who is on my healing journey as I am being accompanied by my spirit guides. The people who have helped me along the way are simple representations of myself that I have forgotten to be true. I love them, honor them and appreciate their existence. I appreciate their support and their guidance whole-heartedly. We have been divinely guided to cross paths to help me remember what I’ve forgotten and for them to continue to share their gift, but they aren’t the ones who are doing the work to help me shift and grow into my awakening.

I’ll admit it, I used to give away my power to others, believing that it was them that healed me. As I go forth and continue to embark on my personal journey, I recognize that they were there to help me remember what I’ve temporarily forgotten. I recognize that the person in front of me is doing this service out of love. As I’ve grown to become the sage of my own life, I’ve been able to gain a level of discernment as to which teachers have pure intentions and which don’t. Since then, I gracefully bless them but don’t allow them to be part of my energy field. This quantum entanglement bit me in the ass many times when I was first embarking on my healing journey, but now, I have that awareness thanks to those experiences. At the time, I had a fragmented sense of boundaries and beliefs. I lacked the self-love I needed in order to protect my energy. In the beginning, there were times I was so energetically drained and depleted, I couldn’t walk. I witnessed the consequence of freely giving away my power which physically manifested as dis-ease in my body. I gave away my energy without boundaries in the same way Oprah gave away free cars.

The Piscean Age we once lived in had the belief that the guru was outside of us. This is why we loved to worship avatars and individuals. This idea of separation brought forth idolatry and the belief that we are less than our brothers and sisters. We learned this in church and witnessed it in cultures around the world. Luckily, I’m part of a generation that sees beyond that.

We recognize that the teacher, the guru, the shaman is within us.

As we go through life, we grow with the awareness that the universe is within us. Our day-to-day actions affect our future experiences. This comes down to the food we eat that nourishes our bodies, the media we consume which gives us the opportunity to bless what’s arising, the way we spend our money to support causes and businesses which create a supply and demand, and the information we ingest to help us wake up or to keep us asleep. We create our reality based on our thoughts and beliefs. Many of us are reaching out, seeking for answers, but now, we are awakening at rapid rates.

We are recognizing our beliefs and actions and now, we are doing something about it.

What we are witnessing more than ever is that people are learning to trust themselves and their experiences. We all have our own paths to find our way back home. There is an influx of people who are willing to learn.

While I know my website is called, I’m here because my intention is to help you remember what you’ve simply forgotten. I’m here because I want to help you heal yourself. I’m here because I want to help guide you back to your spirit and to recognize your divinity again. I’m here to help you recognize that Spirit surrounds you and is in constant communication with you. I’m here to help you thrive and rise as a sovereign leader and a member of society. I’m here because I love you and I want nothing but the best for you.

As a “guru,” I am here as a teacher to help bring you out of the darkness and into the light.

If someone comes to you and tells you that they are going to “fix you,” be aware. This is your opportunity to reclaim your power back. This is your opportunity to acknowledge the inner work you’ve done for yourself up until now.

Yes, we can appreciate connecting with the teachers who’ve guided us along the way, but for your own well-being, know that you are worthy to acknowledge and honor yourself for the hard work you’ve done.

We can give gratitude to the teachers who have gone through the challenges and tribulations to share with us the wisdom they’ve learned along the way, but we mustn’t give them all the credit for where we are now. Your hard work and commit have brought you to this very moment. Your dedication and drive have allowed you to grow, heal, and inspire. This is the time to see your brothers and sisters as equals. There is no hierarchy of power. You came here to become a better person and to help make this world a better place. Those teachers have been committed to their journey, so please, don’t compare your chapter 2 to their chapter 20.

We are here to help uplift one another so that we can transmute the lower energies of our collective brother and sisterhood.


We are all in this together.

I would love to hear from you! How are you taking control of your healing journey? What is it you’re working through so that you may live your life authentically? Comment below and share your truth.

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