What it Means to Embrace the Medicine of a Kundalini Activation

What is a Kundalini Activation? How do we know when we’re experiencing one? What symptoms should we look out for? Here, you’re going to learn all about Kundalini Activations, how you can tell you’re experiencing them, and stay tuned to the end because I’m going to be sharing with you how Kundalini Activations help you align to your desires within your Business AND your life.

What is Kundalini?

Your Kundalini is your life force energy that’s cultivated at the root of your spine, and that’s here to help you navigate through this time and space with more ease and grace. All of this comes with a heads-up, though!

Some people want to activate their kundalini because of the high it can create. Thing is, the Kundalini Process can be intense. LET ME TELL YOU FROM EXPERIENCE. What they don’t tell you is that once your Kundalini Awakens, best believe everything is going to come up to the surface… and I mean EVERYTHING! This journey will take you to the depths of your soul to heal and transmute EVERYTHING that’s out of alignment with your truth of your Sat Nam… your highest, most authentic expression. If you find yourself in a state of resistance, you’re setting yourself up for a painful and fearful process. 

If you have unprocessed trauma, past pain, + repression of expressing your Truth, you’re going to embark on a wild ride, so prepare yourself!

For me… I had my first Kundalini Activation back in 2012. I was still navigating through the journey of having an intended connection with my Twin Flame. My energy was at an all-time high. Little did I know that this journey would be the initiation that would take me on a journey that would completely revolutionize my life.

Here, I would come face to face with the very stories, unprocessed traumas, and outdated beliefs that were out of alignment with the blessed up version of me I was ready to embody.

How do Kundalini Activations help you align to your desires?

Your past trauma, pain, limiting beliefs, ALL THAT JUNK is all stored in your lower three chakras aka the root, sacral and solar plexus. The lower triangle is formed from birth until around 23. Remember Blink 182’s What’s my Age again when they said nobody likes you when you’re 23? Well, my love, this is the period in your life where you’re beginning to learn who you truly are. This is the period where your heart chakra is truly activating. You can be very susceptible in your 20s. Your Kundalini Activation is here to help you break free from the BS and align with your truth deep within your heart. 

Discover the Mystic Planner

Throughout the years, Kundalini Yoga is one of my go-to’s to slay my Mystic Business. If you’re ready to kick ass and slay in your business and life, I encourage you to check out The Mystic Planner, where I’ve shared with you a Kundalini Yoga meditation for each day of the week to enhance your workflow and overall energy. Understand that when you commit to this work, you’ll find yourself becoming embodied in your Truth and sovereign power. Once you have a free-flowin’ Lower Triangle, you’ve created a solid foundation to build the business and life that sets your soul on fire!

So how to look out for when you’re experiencing a Kundalini Activation….

Your senses heighten. Your sensitivities become more sensitive and apparent. For me, my saliva changes taste. I feel total vibration throughout my body. Sometimes it feels like I’m lucid dreaming. 

Now that you’ve heard this, if you feel as though you’ve experienced a Kundalini Activation before, share with me in the comments below your experience. 

What I can recommend is for you to breathe through it. Dive within and honor it. This is helping you align to what you’ve been asking for. 

It’s best if you allow yourself to ride the wave. Your Kundalini Life force is breaking through the energetic blocks of your childhood so that you can ascend to new heights and finally live from the heart-centered space. From there, you can cultivate a healthy relationship between the head and the heart, all while being grounded and woke to what’s happening around you.

All in all, the Kundalini Awakening process is a wild ride. If you want to start implementing Kundalini Yoga into your life, begin to Activate Abundance and Prosperity with just 3 minutes a day through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Remember what they say, life’s about the journey, not the destination.

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