The Deeper Medicine of the Uranus, Mars, North Node Conjunction at 18 degrees Taurus

Welcome to the Mars, Uranus, North Node Conjunction so many of us have anticipated. ☊ ☌ ♅ ☌ ♂︎

Alongside a period of major planetary retrogrades, this powerful conjunction is one for the books. With this energetic alignment last experienced over 1,800 years ago, best believe revolutionary shifts are underway. Essentially, this is the answer to your prayers to finally embrace your blessed up version of you who’s ready to level up and actualize their deepest dreams, desires, and visions as their new reality.

So why do you think these last few years, months, weeks have been testy as fuuuuuuck? Of course, to get there, you MUST embrace the tower and allow what no longer serves to crumble and fall away to make space to actualize your desires. And we all know that isn’t always 🦄🦄🦄 and 🌈🌈🌈. You’ve had to face what’s out of alignment with the you you’re ready to embody and unleash with the world, but you’ve got this!

So why is this big?

Essentially, new beginnings, new adventures, and bigger changes are coming your way to better support you. The key here is for you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and allow God to take the lead. This is the time for you to honor your mindset, your beliefs, and your structures so that you can sustain what you’re calling in. This is your reality and it’s up to you to answer the call, take initiative, and GO FOR IT!

Happening in 18* Taurus

While Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of the Divine Feminine and love, with Taurus being a Fixed Sign, this conjunction is here to deliver you your blessed up version of you. But, to get there, actualize it, AND sustain your desired state, you must destroy what no longer serves to make space for what it is you’re calling in to experience.

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Understanding the Planets

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius, The Creative, Rebellious Genius who’s here to revolutionize the world.

Mars is ruled by Aries, The Energetic Expression who’s the expressed version of the Divine that carries on through conscious discipline to bring the higher self into the human experience.

While the Nodes are where the Sun and Moon cross paths on their elliptical orbits from our vantage point from Earth, the North Node is your True North, your destiny. You’re here to be embodied as your highest self, so embrace the areas in your life that are still in need of some extra TLC, and embrace the karmic lessons you’re learning and mastering as opportunities that you’ll be able to someday be of service to help others conquer, and be gentle with yourself during this revolutionary shift as you continue to embrace your potential, honor your worth, lead with your values, and embody your sovereign Truth.


Well, my love, because Uranus is ruled by Aquarius, it’s time to rebel from that old story and those old conditions that are no longer serving the new story and the blessed up version of you you’re ready to embody and unleash with the world.

The North Node in Taurus is inviting you to release dark emotions and find security from within. Maybe you’ve been giving away your power outside of yourself and allowing the negative polarity of the 3D world to feed this story or belief you’ve been telling yourself about how you view your self-worth. Embrace what makes you feel luxurious, sexy, and abundant.

This is an invitation for you to move your body and get into your body. Mars is inviting you to cultivate stability in your life right now so that you can experience the love and abundance you’re worthy of. This is the time for you to stay in your own lane as you take action to actualize your dreams and desires, because they are coming if you believe they are coming.

The question is, how are you choosing to be loyal to yourself? How are you going to honor your boundaries? Are you willing to practice patience as life is unfolding and setting you up for success behind the scenes?


With Uranus ruling technology and most people are unaware of these astrological shifts happening, a lot of overwhelm with the news online, social media, or just in the atmosphere can happen. See this as a great time to honor your energy, and revolutionize your business. Focus on setting the foundation of your blessed up business because evolution is inevitable.

With Mars inviting you to take action, Mars is connected with the Divine Masculine. With Mars in Taurus right now, see this as a time to honor and take action on blessing up your structures, that’s why I created Alchemize Your Systems so that you can create smarter, not harder. But you’re here to lead with passion and get grounded, so again, remember, slow and steady wins the race. It’s up to you to follow through and complete what you’ve started. Be persistent and don’t quit at the 11th hour.

And with the North Node coming in hott, this is the time for you to honor your soul’s purpose and anchor it in. You’ve navigated through a lot of growth personally and with your business over the years. This is the time for you to embrace that whatever challenges that may arise, they are happening for you, not to you to make you stronger. All is happening and unfolding in your favor, the question is, where is your faith?

Having said this, I want you to be aware of this

If you’re feeling testy, challenged, or overwhelmed with these intense energies, I invite you to DO YOU today and over the upcoming days. Understand that when you’re not in your sovereign embodiment, that’s when the dark forces love to prey on the disempowered.

See this as your invitation to…

🙏🏽 pray more

🤳🏽 spend more time than usual off social media

🧐 be discerning when you’re out in public

🙅🏽‍♀️ protect your energy

♥️ nourish and love on you

You may find yourself feeling off, testy, or out of alignment with this major shift. I GET IT. Your 3D reality is simply the result of your past beliefs and thinking. Understand that diving in deep to pave the path toward a stable, abundant, and successful life is inevitable when you’re devoted to becoming the best version of you! This is the invitation for your spiritual journey and awakening. It requires patience, persistence, and overall confidence in yourself as you navigate through these revolutionary times. Find your groove, stay true to you, and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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